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Model Grades

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The grading system used to rate models of Green Bay Route rolling stock.

Models are rated on a scale of A to F, as follows:

EXACT MATCH:The model is intended to be an exact match for the prototype cars. Often times a prototype will change appearance over its lifetime (for example, ladders were shortened and roofwalks removed on many boxcars in the 1960s); as long as the model matches the appearance the prototype had at some point in time it can get an "A" rating.

Cast-on or crude details are not considered in the rating. For example, if two different manufacturers make a model of a particular freight car both could be considered an "exact match," even though one may have cast-on grab irons and ladders while the other has separately applied details. It is up to the individual modeler to decide how to balance fine details and ruggedness in the models they use.

CLOSE MATCH:The model is slightly different from the prototype in some detail, such as a different
  • minor difference in height, width or length;
  • side sill shape;
  • ends;
  • roof;
  • number of panels;
  • welded or riveted construction;
  • ladders;
  • roof hatches or lumber doors
  • trucks.
A model with the wrong door size or type doesn't qualify as a "close match" and will be considered a "stand in" at best.
STAND-IN:The model has two or more differences in the items listed for a rating of "B" above, or the door is the wrong size or type. (The door is a visible enough item that having the wrong one would eliminate a car from even being considered "close.")
NOT GOOD:This rating is used for freight cars which never appeared on the GBW roster, such as depressed flatcars and covered gondolas, or trying to use a 40' car to represent a 50' car. The list of modeling tips does not include freight cars such as these.
EFFORT REQUIRED:A kitbash is required to model the prototype. Generally, list of modeling tips only includes "E" ratings when there are no commercial models of the prototype which can get an "A" "B" or "C" rating.
FAILED:Hey-- no model deserves to be failed! This is what you get if you don't have any model at all on your layout. Or is a company promises a model then doesn't deliver.

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