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This list of industries located on the Green Bay Route comes from the 1943 and 1953 editions of the Official Directory of Industries published by the railroad.





From the 1943 directory... The Freight Traffic Department issues this Official Directory of Industries, and distributes it with their complements, feeling confident that the readers will find the information it contains regarding industries a valuable aid.

The data contained in this directory has been especially prepared for this publication, and no effort has been spared to make it complete and accurate. We trust the information in this directory will be the means of creating a larger demand for the products manufactured and sold in this territory, and a valuable aid in establishing new and profitable markets, and that our patrons will refer to this publication frequently.

From the 1953 directory... This Directory of Industries is for information only. On account of constantly changing locations of industries and track connections, the public is cautioned to refer to legally published tariffs on file for further information.

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Green Bay (GB&W Station 0)
Green Bay was the largest city on the railroad. In the 1953 directory Norwood yard (station 1) was listed separately.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
0Abrohams Hide and Fur Co. (also: Abrahams Hide...)     [Hides and Fur] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: MILW
web search
0Abrohams Waste Material Co.     [Scrap Iron & Metals] CMStP&P '53web search
0Town of Allouez     [Various Materials]None '53web search
0Allouez Memorial Works     [Monuments]None '43 '53web search
0Allouez Mineral Springs     [Beverages, Mineral Water]None '43 '53web search
0Alwin Manufacturing Co.     [Metal Stamping] C&NW '43 '53web search
0American Lumber and Mfg. Co.     [Lumber, Building Materials] C&NW '43 '53web search
0American Plumbing Supply Co.     [Plumbing & Heating Supplies]None '53web search
0American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.     [Plumbing & Heating Supplies]GB&W '53web search
0American Soft Water Service Inc.     [Water Softening Service]None '53web search
0Harry G. Anderson Heating and Plumbing Co.     [Heating & Plumbing]None '43 '53web search
0Andrews Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W CMStP&P '43 '531943: MILW
1953: GBW
web search
0Fred J. Annen     [Food Broker]None '43 '53web search
0Armour and Co.     [Meat & Meat Products (N. Broadway)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Armour and Co.     [Stock Yards - Slaughtering Plant (Route 7)] C&NW '53web search
0Arndorfer Bros.     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Art Mosaic Tile Co.     [Building Tile, Marble, Terrazzo]None '43 '53web search
0Atlas Annex Inc.     [Cold Storage Warehouse]GB&W C&NW '531943: Single listing GBW CNW
1953: GBW
web search
0Atlas Warehouse and Cold Storage Co.     [Cheese, Meats, Fruits, etc.] C&NW '43 '531953: CNW
web search
0Automatic File and Index Co.     [Steel Files and Furniture] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Avanart Co.     [Crockery & Glassware]None '43 web search
0B W Products Inc.     [Mfr. Wood Products]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Badger Bay Construction Co.     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0Badger Sheet Metal Works     [Sheet Metal, Roofing, Building Material]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Badger State Cheese Co.     [Cheese] C&NW '53web search
0Badger Supply Co.     [Roofing, Building Material]GB&W '53web search
0Bark River Culvert and Equipment Co.     [Culverts, Construction Equipment] C&NW '53web search
0Barker Construction Co.     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0Harvey J. Barthels Grain and Feed Co.     [Flour & Feed, Agricultural Implements] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: CNW MILW
web search
0Jacob C. Basten     [General Construction]None '43 '53web search
0Baum's Department Store (also: ...Corner Store)     [Dry Goods, Furniture]None '43 '53web search
0Bay Appliance Co.     [Electric Refrigerators & Appliances]None '43 web search
0Bay Asphalt Materials Co.     [Asphalt Materials]None '53web search
0Bay Builders Supply Co.     [Building Material] CMStP&P '53web search
0Bay Fixture and Refrigeration Co.     [Commercial Refrigeration]None '53web search
0Bay Products Inc.     [Chemicals, Restaurant Equipment]None '53web search
0Bay Verte Machinery Co.     [Iron & Woodworking Machinery] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Bay West Paper Co.     [Paper Towel Manufacturer] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: MILW
web search
0Bayliss Distributing Co.     [Beer Distributor]None '53web search
0Bay-Wel Inc.     [Wholesale & Retail Building Material]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Bearlee Products     [Guages]None '53web search
0Beemster Electric Co.     [Electrical Contractors, Equipment, Supplies]None '53web search
0Bell Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '43 web search
0Belson Co.     [Wholesale Paper Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Ben Franklin Store     [Variety Store]None '53web search
0Gordon Bent Sporting Goods Co.     [Sporting Goods]None '53web search
0C. M. Berard Co.     [Wholesale Meats] C&NW '43 web search
0Bertrand's Sporting Goods Store     [Sporting Goods]None '53web search
0D. Betten Co.     [Scrap Iron, Rubber, Rags, Paper]GB&W C&NW '43 '53650 N. Webster St.
1943: GBW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Bingham and Risdon Co.     [Dairy Supplies] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Bird-Johns Motors     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Bireley's Beverages of Green Bay     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Herman J. Bishop and Son     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0Howard Blazer and Co.     [Lumber Mill] CMStP&P '53web search
0Boehck Equipment Co.     [Contractors Equipment]None '53web search
0Bogda Chevrolet Motor Co.     [Chevrolet Dealers]None '43 '53web search
0Bohemian Baking Co.     [Bakery] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Brauman Paper Co.     [Wholesale Paper] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Brebner Machinery Co. Inc. (also: Brebner Sinz...)     [Tractors; Snowplows, Road Making Machinery] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Broadway Tire and Battery     [Auto Supplies]None '53web search
0Brown County Highway Commission     [Highway Materials]None '53web search
0Brown County Motors     [Automobile Dealer]None '43 '53web search
0Brown County Warehouses Inc.     [Storage] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Kenny Brunette Furniture Co.     [Retail Furniture]None '43 '53web search
0Bunge Grain Co.     [Grain (Elevator B)] C&NW '53web search
0Bur Wholesale Co.     [Beverages] CMStP&P '53web search
0Burnham's     [Interior Decorating]None '53web search
0Buth Motors     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Buth Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 web search
0Calwis Co.     [Mfr. Window Cleaning Fluid]GB&W '53web search
0Cargill Inc.     [Grain & Feed (Elevator)] C&NW '43 web search
0Cargill Inc.     [Grain & Feed (Feed)]GB&W '43 web search
0C. A. Carlson Cheese Co.     [Wholesale Cheese]GB&W C&NW '43 web search
0Cash and Carry Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Materials]None '43 '53web search
0J. J. Challe and Sons     [Coal, Lumber, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Lloyd Champeau     [Plastering Contractor]GB&W '53web search
0Chapel & Amundsen     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0Charmin Paper Mills (also: Hoberg...)     [Paper Manufacturers (Div. B)]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Charmin Paper Mills (also: Hoberg...)     [Pulp (Div. B)]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Christensen Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Cities Oil Products Co. (also: Cities Service Oil Co.)     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: CNW
web search
0George F. Clarke     [Broker, Steel & Oil Products]None '43 '53web search
0Cleereman's Hatchery Inc.     [Poultry, Feed & Supplies] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Cleerernan Machine Tool Co.     [Machine Tools]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.     [Coal] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Coast to Coast Stores     [Hardware, Auto Parts]None '53web search
0Cobb's Sunlit Bakery     [Bakery]None '43 '53web search
0Coca-Cola Bottling Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Cohen's Department Store     [Department Store]None '53web search
0Cohodas Bros.     [Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Enos Colburn     [Lumber Broker]None '43 web search
0Colonial Liquor Co.     [Wholesale Liquor] CMStP&P '53web search
0Contractors Supply Co.     [Roofing, Sheet Metal, Fire Doors, etc.] C&NW '43 web search
0Culligan Soft Water Service     [Soft Water Service]None '53web search
0Cunningham - Ortmeyer Co.     [Construction Equipment]None '53web search
0H. Danz Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Paint. Roofing, Sheet Metal Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Davis Refrigeration Co.     [Commercial Refrigeration]None '53web search
0Decker Furniture Co.     [Furniture]None '53web search
0Decoster Construction Co.     [General Construction]None '53web search
0Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Al DeGroot Electric Inc.     [Electrical Contractors]None '53web search
0Walter Dettman Tire and Battery Co.     [Tires, Batteries, Automobile Supplies]None '43 '53web search
0Diamond Coal and Supply Co.     [Coal, Building Supplies]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Diana Manufacturing Co.     [Manufacturers Paper Products, Sanitary Napkins] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Dietsch Dairy Co.     [Dairy Products]None '43 web search
0Distributors Inc.     [Steel Buildings, Brick, Tile]GB&W '53web search
0William Dix Wholesale and Comm. Lbr. Co. (also: Wm. Dix Lumber Co.)     [Lumber]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Doherty Nash Co.     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0DuBois Co.     [Soap, Chemicals] CMStP&P C&NW '53web search
0Earl's Motor Sales     [Auto Sales]None '53web search
0East River Lumber and Fuel Co.     [Lumber, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Eastman Supply Co.     [Restaurant Equipment]None '53web search
0Economy Boys     [Hardware, Auto Parts]None '53web search
0W. H. Edgar and Son Inc.     [Food Broker]None '53web search
0L. A. Edlbeck and Co.     [Wholesale Cigars & Tobacco]None '53web search
0Eisenman and Gaie     [Batteries, Tires, Automobile Supplies]None '43 '53web search
0Elgin Soft Water Sales and Service     [Soft Water Service]None '53web search
0Greg Engebos and Sons     [Electrical Appliances]None '53web search
0Equity Coop. Livestock Sales Assn.     [Livestock Sales] C&NW '53web search
0Fabry Glove and Mitten Co.     [Mfr. Gloves & Mittens]None '53web search
0Fairmont Creamery Co. (also: ...Foods Co.)     [Dairy Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Farmers Implement Co.     [Farm Implements]None '43 web search
0Findeisen and Greiser (also: Findeisen - Greiser Co.)     [Furniture & Undertaking]None '43 '53web search
0Firestone Auto Supply and Service Store (also: Firestone Stores)     [Tires, Auto Supplies, Petroleum Products]None '43 web search
0Fisher Brothers Fisheries (also: Fisher Fish Co.)     [Wholesale Fresh Fish] C&NW '43 '531943: none
1953: CNW
web search
0J. N. Foeller and Sons Co.     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0Foley Inc.     [Lubricating Oil] CMStP&P C&NW '531943: Perhaps was Jessen Oil Co.
web search
0Ford Hopkins Co.     [Drug Store] CMStP&P '53web search
0Fort Howard Paper Co.     [Paper Manufacturers] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Fort Howard Steel and Wire Division     [Research Parts and Engineering, Cold Finished Steel Bars] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531953: Also listed as Research Parts & Engineering Corp.?
web search
0Fox River Coal and Material Co.     [Coal, Building Material] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Francois Hardware Co.     [Retail Hardware]None '43 web search
0Freeman Paper Co.     [Paper Converting, Paper Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Fuel Oil Terminals Inc.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
0Gagnon Clay Products Co.     [Brick & Clay Products]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Gamble Stores     [Auto Parts, Hardware]None '53web search
0Garrity Automotive Supply Co.     [Auto Supplies]None '53web search
0Garrity Implement Co.     [Farm Machinery]None '53web search
0Gateway Liquor Co.     [Wholesale Liquor] CMStP&P '53web search
0Gauthier and Son Const. Co.     [Excavating]None '53web search
0W. T. Grant Co.     [Department Store]None '53web search
0Great A and P Tea Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Cheese]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0City of Green Bay     [Various Materials (Metropolitan Sewerage District)]GB&W '53web search
0City of Green Bay     [Various Materials (City Warehouse & Property)] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Auto Distributors Inc.     [Auto & Farm Machinery]None '53web search
0Green Bay Auto Parts Co. (also: ...Parts & Supply Co.)     [Auto Parts & Equipment]None '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Awning and Tent Co.     [Awnings, Tents, Canvas, Supplies] C&NW '43 '531953: CNW
web search
0Green Bay Beverage Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Green Bay Box Co.     [Boxboard & Paper Boxes (S. Broadway - Plant)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Box Co.     [Boxboard & Paper Boxes (N. Broadway - Warehouse)]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Green Bay Canning Co.     [Canning Factory] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Clothing Co. (also: ...Clothing Manufacturers)     [Clothing Manufacturers, Sportswear & Work Clothing] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Coal and Ice     [Coal & Ice]None '53web search
0Green Bay Cooperate Assn.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Green Bay Creamery Co.     [Dairy Products]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Green Bay Drop Forge Co.     [Steel Products] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Fertilizer Co.     [Fertilizers] C&NW '53web search
0Green Bay Flour & Feed Inc.     [Whlse. & Retail Flour & Feeds]GB&W '53web search
0Green Bay Food Co.     [Pickle Manufacturers]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Foundry and Machine Works     [Machines & Steel Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Glass and Paint Co.     [Glass & Paint]None '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Grain and Feed Co.     [Grain, Feed & Flour] CMStP&P '43 web search
0Green Bay Grocer Co.     [Wholesale Tobacco, Liquor, Confectionery, etc.]None '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Hardware Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Hardware] C&NW '43 web search
0Green Bay Hatchery     [Poultry Supplies]None '53web search
0Green Bay Implement Co.     [Farm Machinery]None '53web search
0Green bay Liquor Co.     [Wholesale Liquor]None '53web search
0Green Bay Mack Sales Inc.     [Truck Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Green Bay Marine Mart     [Boats & Marine Equipment]None '53web search
0Green Bay Mattress Co.     [Mattresses]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: none
web search
0Green Bay Motors Inc.     [Packard & Hudson Dealers]None '43 web search
0Green Bay Office Equipment     [Office Equipment]None '53web search
0Green Bay Paper & Pulp Co.     [Paper Products]GB&W '53web search
0Green Bay Planing Mills     [Lumber, Building Supplies (Preble Yard)]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Planing Mills     [Lumber, Building Supplies (Cedar St.)] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Press-Gazette     [Newspaper]None '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Roofing Co.     [Roofing]None '53web search
0Green Bay Seed Co.     [Seeds, Feeds, Fertilizers & Insecticides] C&NW '53web search
0Green Bay Soft Water Service     [Water Softeners]None '43 web search
0Green Bay Specialty Co.     [Overall Manufacturers]None '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Surplus Store     [Clothing & Miscellaneous]None '53web search
0Green Bay Tire Service Inc.     [Wholesale & Retail Tires]None '53web search
0Green Bay Warehouses Inc.     [Storage]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Green Bay Welding Supply     [Welding Supplies]None '53web search
0H. L. Green Co. Inc.     [Specialty Store]None '53web search
0A. Green Contracting Co.     [General Construction] C&NW '43 web search
0Grocer's Equipment Service Co.     [Commercial Refrigeration] CMStP&P '53web search
0Halron Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
0Hansen Implement Co. Inc.     [Farm Supplies & Implements] C&NW '53web search
0Harbor Plywood Corp.     [Plywood & Paint]GB&W C&NW '43 web search
0Hartman Wholesale Co.     [Wholesale Building Materials] CMStP&P '53web search
0Carl Herrman Co.     [Office Supplies]None '53web search
0E. L. Hill Co.     [Lubricating Oil] CMStP&P C&NW '53web search
0Hill's Department Store     [Department Store]None '53web search
0Hillside Transit Co. Inc.     [Pool Car Distribution]GB&W '53web search
0Hires Bottling Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Hochgreve Brewing Co.     [Beer] CMStP&P '43 web search
0Hoffer Glass Co. Inc.     [Glass & Paint] CMStP&P '53web search
0Hoida Lumber & Coal Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Holland Furnace Co.     [Stoves and Furnaces]None '43 '53web search
0Home Insulation Co. of Green Bay     [Insulating Material]GB&W '53web search
0Francis M. Hooper     [Merchandise Broker]None '53web search
0Geo. M. Hougard & Son     [Contractors]None '53web search
0Howard Street Warehouse     [Warehouse]GB&W '53web search
0Hubbard Milling Co.     [Flour & Feed]GB&W '43 web search
0Hudell Lumber Co.     [Wholesale Lumber]None '53web search
0Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.     [Paper Making Machinery]None '43 '53web search
0Hummel Lumber Co.     [Lumber & Building Material]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0F. Hurlbut Co.     [Coal, Wood, Building Material, Concrete Products] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW MILW
1953: CNW
web search
0Huron Portland Cement Co.     [Portland Cement] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Don Hutson Motors Inc.     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Independent Service Station     [Petroleum Products (Clark Oil Co.)]None '43 web search
0Insulation Products Inc.     [Insulating Materials] C&NW '43 web search
0International Harvester Co.     [Agricultural Implements] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Peter Iversen Co. (also: ...and Son)     [Building Tile, Marble]None '43 '53web search
0Jabas Equipment Co.     [Air Compressors]None '53web search
0Jahnke Beverage Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Jaywin Distributing Co.     [Beer Distributor] C&NW '53web search
0Jessen Oil Co.     [Lubricating Oil] CMStP&P C&NW '43 1953: Perhaps was Foley, Inc.
web search
0Joannes Bros. Co.     [Wholesale Groceries] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Johnson Fish Co.     [Fresh & Smoked Fish]None '43 '53web search
0Johnson Paper Co.     [Scrap Paper]GB&W '53web search
0Johnson-Lally Hardware     [General Retail Hardware]None '43 web search
0Johnson-Olson Grain Co.     [Hay, Straw, Alfalfa]GB&W '43 web search
0Robert A. Johnston Co.     [Wholesale Confectioners, Biscuits] CMStP&P '43 '531943: MILW
1953: none
web search
0Jones Motor Co.     [Auto Sales]None '53web search
0Jones Transfer & Warehousing Co.     [Trucking & Warehousing]GB&W '53web search
0Kalamazoo Appliance & Heating Co.     [Stoves, Home Appliances]None '53web search
0F. Kaster Co. Inc.     [Church Supplies]None '53web search
0Katers Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
0Kihlberg-Edwards Motor Co. Inc.     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Kimberly-Clark Corp.     [Pulpwood Dock] C&NW '53web search
0King Midas Flour Mills     [Flour & Feed] CMStP&P '43 web search
0Kool-Aid Bottling Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Kraft Cheese Co. (also: Kraft Foods Co. of Wisconsin)     [Cheese Manufacturers]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: GBW CNW
1953: CNW
web search
0S. S. Kresge Co.     [Variety Store]None '53web search
0Kroger Co.     [Cheese Warehouse]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Krueger Metal Products Co.     [Metal Stamping] CMStP&P '53web search
0Krueger Sentry Gauge Co.     [Gauges] CMStP&P '53web search
0H. H. Kuntz & Sons     [Tanks, Oil Burner Supplies]GB&W '53web search
0Alphonse La Marre     [Hay, Cabbage]GB&W '43 web search
0Henry La Marre     [Hay & Straw]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0La Plante Radio and Appliance Co.     [Electric Appliances & Radios]GB&W '43 web search
0La Plante Steel Building Co.     [Steel Buildings]None '53web search
0The Larsen Co.     [Canning Factory] C&NW '43 '53web search
0The Larsen Co.     [Canning Factory (Warehouse)]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: CNW GBW
web search
0Leath and Co.     [Retail Furniture]None '43 '53web search
0Leicht Transfer and Storage Co.     [Merchandise Warehousing & Trucking (State St.)]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: CNW MILW
web search
0Leicht Transfer and Storage Co.     [Merchandise Warehousing & Trucking (Broadway)] C&NW '53web search
0Leicht Transfer and Storage Co.     [Merchandise Warehousing & Trucking (MILW Road Dock House)] CMStP&P '53web search
0Leicht Transfer and Storage Co.     [Merchandise Warehousing & Trucking (CNW Dock House)] C&NW '53web search
0Leicht Transfer and Storage Co.     [Merchandise Warehousing & Trucking (Velp Avenue)] C&NW '53web search
0Libert Machine Co.     [Machines]None '43 '53web search
0Liebmann Packing Co.     [Meat Packing Plant]GB&W '43 '53web search
0The Linde Air Products Co.     [Welding Supplies]None '53web search
0S. J. Linzmeyer     [Rennet Extract]None '43 web search
0Loose Wiles Biscuit Co. (also: Sunshine Biscuits Inc.)     [Bakery Goods]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Lov-It Creamery     [Creamery]None '53web search
0Lowe Brothers Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Paint]None '53web search
0Lucerne Cream and Butter Co.     [Wholesale Cheese & Butter] C&NW '43 web search
0Lumber Dealers Supply Co.     [Lumber, Building Materials]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0E. C. Manger and Sons Co.     [Casket Manufacturers] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Carl Manthey and Sons Co.     [Stone Monuments]None '43 '53web search
0Marketing Assn. of America     [Wholesale Cheese]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0H. J. Martin & Son     [Floor & Wall Coverings]None '53web search
0Mautz Paint and Varnish Co.     [Paints and Varnishes]None '43 '53web search
0McCrary Oil Sale Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '53web search
0McDonald Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0McDonald Motors     [Auto Sales & Servicing]GB&W '53web search
0C. S. McDonald Warehouse     [Warehouse (No. Broadway)]GB&W '53web search
0C. S. McDonald Warehouse     [Warehouse (No. Irwin)]GB&W '53web search
0C. S. McDonald Warehouse     [Warehouse (Diener Drive)]GB&W '53web search
0Meidl Motors Inc.     [Auto Sales & Service]None '53web search
0Menominee Sugar Co.     [Beet Sugar Manufacturer] C&NW '43 '53Probably loaded on line during harvest season.
web search
0Merchants Grocery Co.     [Wholesale Groceries]GB&W CMStP&P '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW
web search
0Metal Service Co.     [Wholesale Sheet Metal & Roofing, Heating Supplies] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Midwest Cold Storage Co.     [Cold Storage Plant (Cheese, Butter, Eggs, Fish, etc.)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Midwest Fish Co.     [Fresh & Smoked Fish]None '43 '53web search
0Midwest Paint Co.     [Wholesale Paint]None '53web search
0Miller Furniture Co.     [Retail Furniture (Warehouse)]GB&W '43 '531943: No railroads listed
1953: GBW
web search
0Miller Scrap Iron and Steel Co.     [Scrap Iron & Rubber]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: MILW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Miller-Rasmussen Ice and Coal Co.     [Ice & Coal, Ice Refrigerators, Stokers] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Miller-Rasmussen Ice and Coal Co.     [R.R. Ice Plant]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Modern Woodwork Co.     [Lumber, Millwork, Building Material, Coal]GB&W '43 web search
0Mollenhauer Labratories     [Mfrs. Vitamin Pills]None '53web search
0Montgomery Ward & Co.     [Hardware, Furniture, General Merchandise]None '43 '53web search
0Moore Beverage Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Morley-Murphy Co.     [Wholesale Hardware, Electric & Plumbing Supplies] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Motor Parts and Machine Co.     [Motor Parts and Machines]None '43 '53web search
0Multiple Copy Forms Co.     [Mfr. Copy Forms]GB&W '53web search
0E. P. Murphy Granite     [Granite & Monuments]GB&W '43 web search
0Murphy Supply Co.     [Wholesale Electric & Plumbing Supplies] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Naph-Sol Refining Co.     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW MILW
1953: CNW
web search
0National Biscuit Co.     [Bakery Goods] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Nelson Machinery Co.     [Machinery] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Neufeld Lumber Co.     [Lumber Broker]None '43 '53web search
0Nicholson Hardware and Paint Co.     [Hardware & Paint]None '43 web search
0Fred E. Nick Co.     [Farm Equipment]None '53web search
0Norcor Manufacturing Co.     [Metal Furniture, Stamping & Specialties (Plant)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Norcor Manufacturing Co.     [Metal Furniture, Stamping & Specialties (Warehouse)]GB&W '53web search
0Norman Brothers Northland Building Sales     [Insulating Material]None '53web search
0North Central Insulating Co.     [Insulating Material]GB&W '43 web search
0Northeastern Boiler and Welding Co.     [Boilers, Tanks, Structural Iron Work] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Northeastern Co-op Milk Exchange     [Milk Products, Flour, Salt, General Mdse.] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Northeastern Cooperative Store     [Feed, Seed, General Mdse.] CMStP&P '53web search
0Northern Coal and Supply Co.     [Coal, Wood, Building Material]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Northern Glove and Mitten Co.     [Gloves and Mittens]None '43 '53web search
0Northern Metal and Roofing Co.     [Sheet Metal, Roofing, Building Material]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: MILW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Northern Paper Mills     [Paper Manufacturers]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Northern Truck Service Inc.     [Truck Distributor]None '53web search
0Northland Bottling Co. (also: ...Co. Inc.)     [Beverages]None '43 '53web search
0Northwest Cooperative Mills     [Mfrs. Fertilizers & Phosphate] C&NW '53web search
0Northwest Engineering Co.     [Manufacturers Cranes, Shovels, Draglines] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Northwest Metal Products     [Mfrs. Steel Office Files]None '53web search
0Old Quaker Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
0Olson Trailer & Body Builders     [Truck Body Builders] C&NW '53web search
0Olson Transportation Co.     [Trucking & Storage] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Paper Converting Machine Co.     [Paper Converting Machinery]None '43 '53web search
0Pauly and Pauly Cheese Co. (also: ... (Div. Swift & Co.))     [Cheese Processors & Wholesalers (Warehouse)] C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Pauly and Pauly Cheese Co. (also: ... (Div. Swift & Co.))     [Cheese Processors & Wholesalers (Plant)]GB&W C&NW '531943: Single listing.
web search
0J. C. Penny Co.     [Dry Goods. Clothing]None '43 '53web search
0Perma Wool Insulation Co.     [Mfrs. Insulation Material]None '53web search
0Peters Transfer & Storage     [Storage]GB&W '53web search
0Peters Welders Supply Co.     [Welders Supplies]None '53web search
0Phillips Petroleum Co.     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)]GB&W '53web search
0Platten Products Co.     [Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer] C&NW '43 web search
0Plymouth Cheese Corp.     [Wholesale Cheese]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0Pomprowitz Tires & Accessories Co.     [Tires & Accessories]None '53web search
0H. C. Prange Co.     [Dry Goods, Clothing, Appliances, Furniture]None '43 '53web search
0Town of Preble     [Various Materials]None '53web search
0Preble Cold Storage Co.     [Cold Storage Warehouse]GB&W '53web search
0Preble Material Supply Co.     [Plaster, Cement]GB&W '53web search
0Preble Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
0Preble Warehouse Co.     [Warehousing]GB&W '53web search
0Rahr Green Bay Brewing Corp.     [Beer] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0J. Rasmussen & Sons Co.     [Asphalt & Products] C&NW '53web search
0Ready Mixed Concrete Co.     [Concrete]GB&W '43 web search
0Red Owl Stores Inc.     [Wholesale Fruits & Groceries] C&NW '53web search
0George F. Reeke Co.     [Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing]None '53web search
0E. H. Regal Construction Co.     [General Construction]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: none
web search
0Reimer Meat Products Co. (also: Reimer's Meat Products Inc.)     [Wholesale Meat, Sausage Manufacturers, Cold Storage] CMStP&P '43 1943: none
1953: MILW
web search
0Reimer's Tranfer & Storage     [Transfer & Storage]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0L. J. Reiss     [General Contractor]None '53web search
0C. Reiss Coal Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Coal]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Reliable Painting Service     [Sand Blasting, Painting]None '53web search
0Research Parts & Engineering Corp.     [Cold Finished Steel Bars] CMStP&P C&NW '531943: Perhaps was Fort Howard Steel and Wire Division?
web search
0W. E. Riley and Son     [Merchandise & Pickle Brokers]None '43 '53web search
0Riverside Flour and Feed Co.     [Flour & Feed] CMStP&P '43 web search
0Riverview Lumber Co.     [Retail Lumber]None '43 '53web search
0Ben Rosenberg     [Scrap Iron, Scrap Materials] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0A. Rosenberg's Sons     [Hides and Tallow] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Jos. F. Rothe Foundry Co.     [Manufacturers of Steel Products, Foundry] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Russell-Miller Milling Co.     [Flour & Feed]GB&W '43 web search
0Sargent-Gerke Co.     [Wholesale Paint]None '53web search
0Schauer and Schumacher Co.     [Furniture & Undertaking (Warehouse)] C&NW '43 '531943: none
1953: CNW
web search
0F. C. Schilling Co.     [Wholesale Groceries & Fruit] CMStP&P '43 web search
0Schilling Fish Co. Inc.     [Fish & Cold Storage] CMStP&P '53web search
0Schmitz Motor Co. (also: ...Buick Motor Co.)     [Buick Dealers, Auto Sales & Service]None '43 '53web search
0Schneider Transport & Storage Inc.     [Trucker & Storage]GB&W '53web search
0Schouten-Klokner Refrigeration Co.     [Air Conditioning]None '53web search
0Schraufnagel Wholesale, Inc.     [Building Material]GB&W '53web search
0L. D. Schreiber and Co. Inc.     [Wholesale Dairy Products]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: GBW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0L. Schuster & Sons Inc.     [Auto Supplies]None '53web search
0Sears Roebuck and Co.     [Hardware, Furniture, General Merchandise, Retail Department Store]None '43 '53web search
0Selmer Co. (also: The Selmer...)     [General Contractors]None '43 '53web search
0Seven-Up Bottling Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
0Shefford Cheese Co.     [Cheese Manufacturers]GB&W C&NW '43 web search
0Shell Oil Co. Inc.     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
0Siebert Cadillac Co.     [Cadillac & LaSalle Dealer, Auto Sales & Service]None '43 '53web search
0Sinclair Refining Co.     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW
web search
0Standard Lumber Yards Inc.     [Lumber, Building Materials] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Steen-Macek Paper Co.     [Wholesale Paper Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Stone Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer] C&NW '43 web search
0C. A. Straubel Co.     [Wholesale Cheese] C&NW '43 web search
0Straubel Paper Co.     [Paper Towel Manufacturers] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
0Strid Grain Co.     [Grain Storage (Elevator)]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Strid Grain Co.     [Feeds & Seeds (Warehouse)]GB&W '53web search
0Stuebe Binding and Printing Co.     [Office Equipment]None '53web search
0Superior Cheese Co.     [Cheese Wholesaler]GB&W C&NW '53web search
0Swift and Co.     [Meat and Meat Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Tape Inc.     [Gummed Paper Tape Manufacturers] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Texas Co. (also: The Texas Co.)     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW
web search
0W. E. Thew Supply Co.     [Mill Supplies]None '53web search
0Triange Distributing Co.     [Beer Distributor]GB&W '53web search
0Universal Atlas Cement Co.     [Cement] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Van Drisse Motor Co.     [Ford Dealer, Auto Sales & Service]None '43 '53web search
0Wm. Van Ess Co. (also: ... VanEss Concrete Block Co.)     [Concrete Blocks] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Van Veghel Bros. Hardware Co.     [General Hardware]None '43 web search
0William VanDomolen Co. Inc.     [Appliance Distributors]None '53web search
0Van's Battery and Electric Co.     [Batteries, Auto Parts & Accessories, Electric Goods]None '43 '53web search
0Van's Hardware     [Hardware, Stoves]None '43 '53web search
0Edward T. VerHalen Inc.     [Insulation Material] CMStP&P '53web search
0Verifine Dairy Products Co.     [Dairy Products]None '43 '53web search
0W G and R Furniture Co.     [Furniture]None '53web search
0Wadhams Divn. Of Socony - Vacuum Oil Co. Inc. (also: Wadhams Oil Co.)     [Petroleum Products (Marine Terminal)] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Cliff Wall Motor Sales Inc.     [Oldsmobile Dealer]None '43 '53web search
0Waterways Engineering Corp.     [Marine Contractors & Engineers] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: CNW MILW
web search
0Waterways Engineering Corp.     [Marine Contractors & Engineers (Warehouse)]GB&W '43 web search
0West Side Fuel and Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material, Coal, Wood]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Western Lime and Cement Co.     [Lime, Limestone, Cement]GB&W C&NW '43 '53web search
0Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. Inc.     [Electrical Supplies, Household Appliances]None '53web search
0Westphal's Inc.     [Paint & Hardware]None '53web search
0Wheeler Corp. (also: Wheeler Cheese Corp.)     [Process Cheese Packers, Cheese Wholesalers and Processors]GB&W C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW CNW
web search
0The White Store     [Department Store]None '53web search
0White Truck Distributors     [Truck Distributor]None '53web search
0John Widi Co. Inc.     [Tile & Marble]None '43 '53web search
0Wiegand Concrete Products Co.     [Concrete Blocks]GB&W '43 web search
0L. Wiemann Co.     [Variety Store]None '53web search
0Wilco Co.     [Mfrs. Cleanig Compound]GB&W '53web search
0A. C. Wilcox     [Lumber Broker]None '43 web search
0Willaert's Bakery     [Bakery]None '53web search
0Wisconsin Accredited Cheese Co.     [Cheese] C&NW '53web search
0Wisconsin Concrete Products Co.     [Mfrs. Concrete Blocks & Pipe]GB&W '53web search
0Wisconsin Dairy Laboratory     [Cheese Factory Supplies]None '43 '53web search
0Wisconsin Fabricating Co.     [Steel Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Wisconsin Farmco Service Coop.     [Fertilizers] C&NW '53web search
0Wisconsin Fishing Co.     [Wholesale Fish, Beer Dist.] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Wisconsin Public Service Co.     [Gas, Light & Power (Gas Plant & Warehouse)] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: Single listing with CNW MILW
1953: CNW
web search
0Wisconsin Public Service Co.     [Electric Power & Gas (Bayside Plant)] C&NW '53web search
0Wisconsin State Reformatory     [Reformatory] CMStP&P '53web search
0Wisconsin Telephone Co.     [Telephone Co. (Pole Yard)]GB&W '43 '53web search
0Wisconsin Wholesalers Inc.     [Building Materials] C&NW '43 '53web search
0Harley L. Wittig     [Fur Farm]None '53web search
0Woody's Cheese Co.     [Cheese Retailer] C&NW '53web search
0F.W. Woolworth Co.     [Variety Store]None '53web search
0Frank O. Zeise Construction Co.     [General Contractors]None '53web search
0Al Zeller's Sporting Goods     [Sporting Goods]None '53web search
0Zimonick Bros. Co.     [Market Gardeners & Canning Factory]None '43 '53web search
0Frank Zoll and Sons (also: Carl Zoll)     [Cut & Rough Stone] C&NW '43 '531943: Frank Zoll
1953: Carl Zoll
web search


Norwood (GB&W Station 1)
Norwood was the location of the shops for both the Green Bay & Western and Western refrigerator Lines.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
1Green Bay & Western R.R.     [Shops, Stores Department, Material Yard] '53On line
web search
1Western Refrigerator Line Co.     [R.R. Refrigerator Car Line Shops] '53On line
web search


Meyers (GB&W Station 4)
This station took its name from the Meyer family, owners of Green Bay Soap Company. This is near present-day Howard. In 1966 the only two industries were Green Bay Soap and William Dix Lumber; in 1968 Betten Processing located there.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
4Allen Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
4Baysinger Lumber Co. (also: Webber-Baysinger ...)     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 '53web search
4Green Bay Soap Co.     [Soap Manufacturer] '43 '53web search
4Tankar Gas Inc.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search


Elms (GB&W Station 7)
Elms was located about 100 yards east of Overland Road, not far from the present-day Pamperin Park in Brown County.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
7Oconto Falls Pickle Co.     [Pickle Salting Station] '43 web search


Oneida (GB&W Station 10)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
10Miller Piehl Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 '53web search
10Oneida Farmers Co.     [Farm Supplies] '43 '53web search


Seymour (GB&W Station 17)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
17H. C. Bergart     [Cabbage Broker] '43 web search
17F. W. Brick Implement Co. (also: ... Brick and Son.)     [Farm Implements] '43 '53web search
17Burghard and Sons     [Wholesale & Retail Eggs] '53web search
17Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
17Consolidated Badger Coop.     [Dairy Products] '53web search
17Cook Motor Co. Inc.     [Ford & Tractor Dealer] '43 '53web search
17Coonen Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '53web search
17Droeger Hatchery     [Hatchery, Elec. Brooders] '43 web search
17Farmers Implement Co.     [Farm Implements & Machinery] '43 web search
17General Telephone Co.     [Telephone Service] '53web search
17Groat Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products (Deep Rock)] '43 web search
17Gustman Motors     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
17Norman Irish     [Hay & Straw] '53web search
17Jacquot Cheese Co.     [Wholesale Cheese] '43 web search
17Jensen's Sales and Service     [Washing Machines, Cream Separators, and Agriculture Implements] '53web search
17Johnson Burt Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 '53web search
17Edward Krahn     [Livestock, Hides, Cabbage] '43 web search
17R. Kuehne and Sons     [Livestock, Cabbage & Agricultural Implements] '43 '53web search
17Landwehr and Hackl     [Concrete Tile & Blocks, Excavating, Stone Crushing] '43 web search
17Lotter Machine Co.     [General Machine Shop, Agriculture Implements] '43 '53web search
17Maas Motors     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
17Melchert Bros. Garage     [Hudson & Truck Dealer] '43 '53web search
17Mielke Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
17Miller Piehl Lumber Co. (also: Miller-Piehl Co.)     [Lumber, Building Material, Coal] '43 '53web search
17Muehl's Furniture Co.     [Furniture, Undertaking] '43 '53web search
17Pauly and Pauly Cheese Co. (also: Pauly Cheese Co.)     [Wholesale & Retail Cheese] '43 '53web search
17Progressive Farmers of Wisconsin     [Gasoline, Farm Supplies] '43 '53web search
17Service Auto Co.     [Chevrolet Dealer] '43 web search
17Seymour Bottling Works     [Soft Drinks, Beer, Beverages] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Canning Co.     [Canned Vegetables] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Co-operative Exchange     [Flour & Feed, Seeds, Fertilizer, Grains] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Farm Equipment Co.     [Farm Machinery & Equipment] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Flour Mills     [Feed Grinding, Mill Products] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Hardware Co.     [Retail Hardware] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Hatchery     [Hatchery, Electric Brooders] '53web search
17Seymour Milk Co.     [Butter, Dried Milk & Butter Milk] '43 '53web search
17Seymour Roofing and Siding Co.     [Building Materials & Insulation] '53web search
17Seymour Tile Plant     [Concrete Tile & Bricks] '53web search
17Seymour Woodenware     [Cheese Box Manufacturers] '43 '53web search
17Sherman Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
17Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
17Vandenheuvel Motors     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
17Otto Wagner     [Wholesale & Retail Eggs] '43 web search
17Windau Motor Service     [Pontiac Dealer] '43 web search


Black Creek (GB&W Station 24)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
24Lee J. Barth     [Flour, Feed, Grain, Seeds]GB&W '43 '53web search
24Black Creek Consumers Store     [Flour, Feed, General Mdse.]GB&W '43 '53web search
24Black Creek Limestone Co.     [Limestone Products]None '43 '53web search
24Black Creek Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
24Black Creek Plumbing     [Plumbing Supplies]None '53web search
24Black Creek Produce Co.     [Eggs]None '53web search
24The Borden Co.     [Milk Products] SOO '43 '53web search
24H. J. Brandt     [Hardware & Tractors]None '43 '53web search
24Burdick Furniture Co.     [Furniture & Undertaking]None '43 '53web search
24Wm. J. Ganzel     [Eggs & Sugar, Furs]None '43 '531943: Eggs & Sugar
1953: Furs
web search
24R. H. Gehrke Co.     [Hardware & Implements]GB&W '43 '53web search
24K and B Auto Co.     [Automobiles]None '43 '53web search
24C. C. Lange and Sons     [Canned Vegetables] SOO '53web search
24John G. Litzkow (also: John C...)     [Plymouth Dealer]None '43 '53web search
24Miller Piehl Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Cement, Coal, Building Material]GB&W SOO '43 '531943: GBW SOO
1953: None
web search
24Outagamie Producers Co-op.     [Cheese Factory]None '43 '53web search
24Piowaty Bros. Inc.     [Cabbage Buyers & Shippers]GB&W '43 1953: Perhaps Skokie Produce Co.
web search
24Quality Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
24G. F. Rusch     [Sheet Metal Work]None '43 web search
24R. W. Sebald     [Heating & Air Conditioning]None '43 '53web search
24Skokie Produce Co.     [Cabbage Dealer]GB&W '531943: Perhaps Piowaty Bros. Inc.?
web search
24Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 '53web search
24R. J. Tesch     [Livestock]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
24Wadham's Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '53web search


Shiocton (GB&W Station 31)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
31Badger State Nursery     [Plants, Trees, etc.] '43 '53web search
31Lee J. Barth     [Flour, Feed, Salt, Grain] '43 '53web search
31H. C. Bergart     [Cabbage Broker] '43 web search
31Richard Beyer     [Fertilizer, Feed, Grain] '43 web search
31Country Garden Apiary and Nursery     [Honey, Shrubbery] '43 '53web search
31F. R. Greenwalt     [Mdse, Flour, Feed; Salt, Fertilizer] '43 '53web search
31Gunderson Hardware     [General Hardware & Plumbing] '43 '53web search
31R. L. Johnson     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 web search
31Pfuerpfeil Garage     [Ford Dealer] '43 web search
31W. E. Riley and Son     [Pickle Station] '43 web search
31R. H. Schwandt     [Implements & Machinery] '43 '53web search
31R. E. Schwebs     [Cabbage Buyer] '43 web search
31Shiocton Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
31Shiocton Kraut Co.     [Sauerkraut Canning] '43 '53web search
31Shiocton Produce Co.     [Canned Vegetables] '53web search
31P. A. Sielaff     [Chevrolet Dealer] '43 '53web search
31Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
31Welcome-Shiocton Lbr. Co.     [Building Material; Coal, Wood] '43 '53web search


New London (GB&W Station 39)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
39American Plywood Corp. (also: Curtis Companies Inc.)     [Plywood, Doors, Store Fixtures] C&NW '43 web search
39Badger Paint Store     [Paints, Wallpaper]None '53web search
39Orville Bast     [Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal]None '53web search
39Beckers     [Retail Hardware & Machinery]None '53web search
39Bi-County Consumers Co-op.     [Petroleum Products, Coal] C&NW '43 '53web search
39The Borden Co.     [Evaporated Milk] C&NW '43 '53web search
39C and L Farm Equipment Co.     [Agricultural Implements]None '53web search
39Cambell's Stores     [Ladies Wearing Apparel]None '53web search
39Christy's Department Store     [General Merchandise]None '53web search
39City Dry Cleaners     [Dry Cleaners]None '53web search
39Cline and Learman     [Furniture & Undertaking]None '53web search
39Coast to Coast Stores     [Hardware, Electrical Appliances, Sporting Goods]None '53web search
39Du-Rite Plumbing Co.     [Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal]None '53web search
39Economy Boys Store     [Hardware, Electrical Appliances, Sporting Goods]None '53web search
39Edison Wood Products Inc.     [Furniture] C&NW '43 '53web search
39Foods Inc.     [Pickles] '53web search
39Freiburger Garage     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
39Gamble Stores     [Hardware, Electrical Appliances, Sporting Goods]None '53web search
39Gehrke Bros.     [Coal & Hardware]GB&W '43 web search
39Hamilton and Sons Co.     [Sauerkraut & Pickles, Canned Vegetables]GB&W '43 '53web search
39Hartquist Lumber Co.     [Wholesale Lumber]None '53web search
39Hockers Brick Co.     [Brick Manufacturers] C&NW '43 '53web search
39Inter-State Cement Vault Co.     [Grave Vaults]None '53web search
39Johnson Bros. Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
39Kircher Furniture & Funeral Home     [Furniture & Undertaking]None '53web search
39Klatt Plumbing and Heating Co.     [Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal]None '53web search
39Knapstein Brewing Co.     [Beer]None '43 '53web search
39Krueger Manufacturing Co.     [Furniture & Woodworking]None '53web search
39F. J. LaMarche (also: F. J. & Vic LaMarche)     [Flour, Feed, Fertilizer, Grain, Cement] C&NW '43 '53web search
39Lieber Lumber & Millwork Co.     [Lumber & Building Materials] C&NW '53web search
39McDaniel's Fuel Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53web search
39Miles Lumber Co.     [Lumber & Building Materials] C&NW '53web search
39Mullarkey Concrete Products     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
39Murphy Concrete Products     [Ready Mixed Concrete]None '53web search
39R. M. Murphy Construction Company     [Construction Work]None '53web search
39City of New London     [Utilities] C&NW '53web search
39New London Bottling Works     [Soft Drinks]None '43 '53web search
39New London Engineering Company     [Conveyors]None '53web search
39New London Farmers Co-op. (also: ...Farmers Cooperative Oil Co.)     [Oil Co. Petroleum Products, Automobiles & Accessories]GB&W '43 '53web search
39New London Farmers Exchange (also: New London Cooperative Exchange)     [Flour, Feed, Cement, Seeds, Coal, Fertilizer, Machinery] C&NW '43 '53web search
39New London Ice and Fuel Co.     [Coal, Wood, Ice] C&NW '43 '53web search
39New London Limestone Co.     [Agricultural Limestone, Crushed Stone]None '53web search
39New London Manufacturing Company     [Wooden Toys]None '53web search
39New London Wood and Lumber Company     [Furniture] C&NW '53web search
39W. L. Peters     [Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal]None '53web search
39Quality Packing Co.     [Slaughter House, Meat Packing]None '53web search
39Restle Garage     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
39Roemer Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] C&NW '43 web search
39Schlise Fuel Co.     [Coal] C&NW '53web search
39Standard Machine Co.     [Machinery & Welding]None '43 web search
39Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 '53web search
39Wm. F. Stern     [Building Contractor]None '53web search
39Straub Distributing Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search
39Tews Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements]None '53web search
39G. A. Thomas Concrete Prod. Co. (also: C. A. Thomas...)     [Concrete Blocks, Tile, Lawn Furniture, Burial Vaults]None '43 '53web search
39Tribby Hardware     [General Hardware]None '53web search
39G. A. Vandree Co.     [General Merchandise]None '53web search
39Verifine Co.     [Dairy Products] C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: None
web search
39Wadhams Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
39Waupaca County Highway Comm.     [Asphalt] C&NW '53web search
39Werner-Raschke Garage     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
39Wisconsin Telephone Co.     [Poles] C&NW '53web search
39Wisconsin Wood Products Co.     [Wood Products]None '53web search
39Wold River Wood Products Co.     [Box Manufacturer]None '53web search
39John Worm     [Coal & Ice] C&NW '43 web search


Royalton (GB&W Station 46)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
46Irvin Casey     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
46Roy Henick     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
46Ritchie Hardware     [Retail Hardware] '43 web search


Manawa (GB&W Station 50)
Manawa was the site of a small yard and a mile-long spur which branched off to the north and served industries within the town limits.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
50Cash Block Co.     [Cement Products] '53web search
50Central Bar & Glass Supply Co.     [Tavern & Restaurant Supplies] '53web search
50L. W. Eastling Co.     [Pickles] '43 '53web search
50A. J. Eisner     [Cheese] '43 web search
50O. Esche Co.     [Feed & Grains] '43 web search
50Farmers Co-op. Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 web search
50Farmers Co-op. Produce Co.     [Feed, Grain, Machinery, Farm Products] '43 web search
50Farmway Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
50Ferg Electric     [Hardware, Machinery] '53web search
50Gamble Stores     [Hardware & Appliances] '53web search
50Gehrke Bros. Co.     [Hardware, Machinery] '43 '53web search
50Hanson and Jones     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
50Little Wolf River Lbr. Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Building Material] '43 '53web search
50Manawa Cement Block Co.     [Cement Products] '43 web search
50Manawa Chemical Co.     [Fire Extinguishers & Chemical Supplies] '53web search
50Manawa Cooperative     [Feed, Grain, Coal, Machinery, Petroleum Products] '53web search
50Manawa Creamery (also: ...Creamery and Dairy Co.)     [Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
50Manawa Feed Mill     [Feed & Grain] '53web search
50Manawa Motor Sales     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
50Manawa Telephone Co.     [Telephone Service] '53web search
50Manawa Welding Co.     [Machine Shop] '53web search
50F. R. Meiklejohn Co.     [Automobiles] '43 web search
50Nelson Hardware     [Hardware, Machinery] '53web search
50Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '53web search
50Sturm and Jensen Co. (also: ...Jensen Oil Co.)     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
50A. Sturm and Sons Co.     [Coal, Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Farm & Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
50Symco Milling Co. (Symco)     [Seed & Feed] '53web search
50Voss Bros. Co. (also: ...Bros. Co.)     [Furniture] '43 '53web search
50Waupaca County Highway Department     [Road Building Materials] '53web search
50Waupaca County Motors     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
50Wisconsin Power and Light Co.     [Power & Light] '43 '53web search


Ogdensburg (GB&W Station 55)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
55Christ Beitzel and Son     [Building Materials, Lumber] '43 web search
55Central Wis. Seed Co.     [Flour, Feed, Seed, Coal, Potatoes] '43 web search
55L. W. Eastling Co.     [Pickle Salting Station] '43 '53web search
55Ogdensburg Garage     [Petroleum Products, Auto Repairs] '43 '53web search
55Quality Seed and Fuel Co.     [Flour, Feed, Seed, Coal, Building Materials, Lumber] '53web search
55Stewart Hardware Co.     [Hardware] '43 web search
55Webb Auto and Implement Sales (also: Webb Sales)     [Automobiles, Implements, Repairs, Hardware, Appliances] '43 '531943: Automobiles, Implements, Repairs
1953: Hardware, Appliances
web search


Scandinavia (GB&W Station 61)
The junction point of branches to Iola (abandoned June 1, 1958) and Waupaca (abandoned July 1, 1947).
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
61H. W. Bergman Garage     [Automobiles, Tires, Accessories] '43 '53web search
61R. M. Hansen Co.     [Hardware, Machinery] '43 web search
61Christ Hanson Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products, Automobile Accessories] '53web search
61Olson Lumber and Coal Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Building Material, Hardware] '43 web search
61Scandinavia Co-op. Produce Co.     [Potatoes, Hay, Straw, Salt, Flour & Feeds, Grain, Corn] '43 '53web search
61Scandinavia Creamery Co.     [Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
61Scandinavia Hardware Co.     [Hardware, Machinery] '53web search
61Scandinavia Lumber, Coal and Suuply     [Lumber, Coal, Building Materials, Hardware] '53web search
61Service Garage     [Tires, Auto Accessories] '43 web search
61O. J. Voie     [Furniture] '43 web search
61Wis. Power and Light Co.     [Power & Light] '43 '53web search


Iola (GB&W Station 66)
Connected to the mainline via a junction at Scandinavia. The branch was abandoned June 1, 1958.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
66R. I. Anderson     [Machine Shop and Truck Dealer] '53web search
66Bacon Brothers Co.     [Potatoes] '43 web search
66Badger Co-op. Assn.     [Creamery] '43 web search
66Central Wisconsin Electric Coop.     [R.E.A. Electric Co.] '53web search
66Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
66S. W. Cleaves     [Sporting Goods & Appliances] '53web search
66Clifton Feed & Supply     [Feed] '53web search
66Consolidated Badger Coop.     [Dairy Products] '53web search
66Gamble Store     [Hardware & Appliances] '53web search
66Mrs. Phil Guerin     [Ice Dealer] '43 web search
66G. L. Gunderson Hardware     [Hardware & Farm Machinery] '43 '53web search
66Iola Community Food Bank     [Locker Service, Frozen Foods] '53web search
66Iola Dairy     [Dairy Products] '53web search
66Iola Farm Produce Co. (also: Iola Cooperative)     [Feed, Hay, Potatoes, Salt] '43 '53web search
66Iola Motor Sales Co.     [Ford Dealer] '43 '53web search
66Iola Plumbing and Heating     [Plumbing & Heating] '43 '53web search
66Iola Tie Co.     [Lumber & Railroad Ties] '53web search
66Jewett and Sherman Co.     [Pickle Station] '43 '53web search
66Katz Brothers Co.     [Livestock] '43 '53web search
66Kruse and Kluge     [Meat Market] '53web search
66Albert Miller Co.     [Potatoes] '43 web search
66T. J. Moss Tie Co. (also: Iola Tie Co.)     [Lumber & Railroad Ties] '43 web search
66Neidert Super Service     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
66Ingvald Olson     [Machine Shop] '53web search
66Olson Hardware Co. (also: Olson Bros. Hardware...)     [General hardware] '43 '53web search
66Julius Peterson     [Petroleum Products] '53web search
66Smith Market     [Meat Market] '53web search
66Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
66O. S. Swenson Co. Inc.     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 '53web search
66Torgerson Feed Store     [Feed] '43 web search
66Wadhams Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
66Waupaca Electric Co-op.     [R. E. A. Electric Company] '43 web search
66Webster Lumber Co.     [Lumber & Railroad Ties] '53web search
66J. and C. Wipf Co.     [Feed, Building Material & Cement] '43 '53web search
66Wisconsin Power and Light Co.     [Power & Light] '43 '53web search
66Wolter Brothers Co.     [Potatoes] '43 web search
66Wright Co.     [Feed, Hay, Potatoes, Coal & Wood] '43 '53web search


Amherst Junction (GB&W Station 70)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
70Farmers' Co-op. Ass'n, (Nelsonville, Wis.)     [Dairy Products]None '43 web search
70Hanes Feed Company     [Feed, Grain & Fertilizer]GB&W '53web search
70Jewett and Sherman Co.     [Pickles] SOO '43 '53web search
70J. E. Koziczkowski and Co.     [Flour, Feed, Grain]GB&W SOO '43 '531943: GBW Soo
1953: Soo
web search
70Krogwold Bros.     [Potatoes]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW Soo
1953: None
web search
70Joseph Migas     [Fertilizer]None '53web search
70Albert Miller Co.     [Potatoes]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
70Okray Produce Co.     [Potatoes]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
70Pavelski Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53web search
70Frank Sroda and Sons (also: Felix Sroda)     [Flour, Feed, Grain]GB&W '43 '53web search
70Nick Theis     [Coal]GB&W '43 web search


Waupaca (GB&W Station 71)
Connected to the mainline via a junction at Scandinavia. The branch was abandoned July 1, 1947.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
71Bacon Bros.     [Potatoes]GB&W SOO '43 web search
71Cary Mfg. Co.     [Oil Burners]None '43 web search
71Central Wis. Gas Co.     [Gas]GB&W '43 web search
71Central Wis. Seed Co.     [Potatoes, Flour, Feed, Seeds, Insecticide]GB&W SOO '43 web search
71Christensen and Nelson     [Potatoes] SOO '43 web search
71City Fuel Co.     [Potatoes] SOO '43 web search
71City Fuel Co.     [Coal, Wood, Feed]GB&W '43 web search
71City Mills     [Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain] SOO '43 web search
71Carl Cohen     [Eggs] SOO '43 web search
71Crystal Springs Bottling Works     [Beverages]None '43 web search
71Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
71Louis Ebbe Gravel Co.     [Sand & Gravel]GB&W '43 web search
71Fisher and Fallgatter     [Flour, Feed, Grain] SOO '43 web search
71Fuller Goodman Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Tile, Cement]GB&W SOO '43 web search
71Con Gmeiner and Sons     [Brick & Clay Products]None '43 web search
71Godfrey Implement Co.     [Farm Implements]None '43 web search
71Gray Czeskleba Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W SOO '43 web search
71W. G. Johnson     [Hides, Furs, Seeds]None '43 web search
71R. A. Klotz     [Potatoes]GB&W '43 web search
71Krunen Implement Co.     [Farm Implements]GB&W '43 web search
71Leader Hardware     [General Hardware]None '43 web search
71Loberg Garage     [Automobiles]None '43 web search
71Madison Cement Stave Silo Co.     [Silos] SOO '43 web search
71Milius Motor Sales     [Automobiles]None '43 web search
71Northwestern Produce Co.     [Flour, Feeds, Cement, Coal, Livestock]GB&W SOO '43 web search
71Harvey E. Peterson     [Potatoes, Flour, Feed]GB&W '43 web search
71John Peterson and Son     [Livestock]None '43 web search
71C. J. Pommer     [Coal, Cement, Lime] SOO '43 web search
71S. D. and D. A. Shambeau     [Livestock]None '43 web search
71Shell Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
71Sinclair Refining Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
71Squire-Dinger Co.     [Pickles] SOO '43 web search
71Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
71Wadhams Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
71Waupaca Co-op. Creamery     [Butter, Dried Skim-milk & Buttermilk]GB&W '43 web search
71Waupaca County Highway Comm.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
71Waupaca Foundry     [Castings]None '43 web search
71Waupaca Motor Sales     [Automobles]None '43 web search
71Wisconsin Public Service Corp.     [Electric Power]None '43 web search


Arnott (GB&W Station 77)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
77Arnott Creamery     [Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
77Arnott Hdwe. and Implement Co.     [Hardware & Machinery] '43 '53web search
77Ed. Burant     [Potatoes] '43 web search
77Jos. Bushman and Sons     [Potatoes] '43 web search
77Green Bay Food Co.     [Pickle Station] '43 '53web search
77J. Koziczkowski and Sons Co.     [Coal, Feed, Salt, Hay] '43 web search
77J. J. Makuski and Son     [Petroleum Products, Hardware] '43 '53web search
77Emil Perzinski     [Potatoes] '43 '53web search


Plover (GB&W Station 82)
The junction point of the Stevens Point branch.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
82Cash and Carry Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material]GB&W '43 '53web search
82City Ice and Fuel Co.     [Ice & Coal] '53web search
82L. W. Eastling Co.     [Cucumbers] '53web search
82Economy Garage (Laszewski Bros.) (also: Laszewski)     [Garage, Farm Machinery, Plumbing Supplies] SOO '43 '531943: Soo
web search
82A. C. Moss     [Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain & Seeds]GB&W '43 web search
82Okray Produce Co.     [Potatoes & Fertilizer] '53web search
82Leo H. Pierce Co.     [Groceries, Coal]GB&W '43 web search
82Plover Garage     [Auto Accessories & Repairs] '53web search
82Plover Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 '53web search
82T. H. Simmons     [Flour, Feed & Hay] '53web search
82Sumner Seed Co.     [Blue Grass Seed] '53web search


Stevens Point (GB&W Station 88)
Connected to the mainline via a junction at Plover.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
88Acorn Brand Mfg. Co.     [Barn Equipment]GB&W '43 web search
88Adalbert Coal and Concrete Products     [Coal & Concrete Products] SOO '53web search
88Asphalt Products Co.     [Asphalt & Petroleum Products]GB&W '53web search
88Bake-Rite Baking Co.     [Bakery Goods]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Becker Tranfer Line     [Storage] SOO '53web search
88Belke Lumber and Mfg. Co. (also: Belke Manufacturing Co.)     [Lumber] SOO '43 '53web search
88Benson Coal Co.     [Coal] SOO '43 web search
88Breitenstein Co.     [Building Material, Fuel, Feed & Seed]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Carley Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '43 '53web search
88The Central Co.     [Roofing, Building Materials, Hardware]GB&W '53web search
88Central Valley Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88City Ice and Fuel Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53web search
88Consolidated Water Power and Paper Co.     [Paper Manufacturer]GB&W SOO '43 '53web search
88The Copps Co.     [Wholesale Groceries] SOO '43 '53web search
88Copps Coal Co.     [Coal] SOO '43 '53web search
88Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88Delzell Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88L. W. Eastling Co.     [Pickle Plant] SOO '53web search
88Erickson Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '53web search
88Fairmont Foods Co.     [Dairy Products]None '53web search
88Alois Firkus     [Potatoes] SOO '43 '53web search
88Folding Furniture Works     [Manufacturers Folding Cribs, Furniture Novelities] SOO '43 '53web search
88Frank Garber Co.     [Scrap Iron & Rags]GB&W '43 web search
88Garber Supply Co.     [Plumbing Supplies]GB&W '53web search
88Harder Coal Co.     [Coal]None '43 web search
88Hein Implement Co.     [Machinery] SOO '53web search
88Jay Pulp and Paper Corp.     [Pulp Manufacturers] SOO '53web search
88Joerns Bros. Furniture Co.     [Furniture Manufacturers]GB&W SOO '43 '53web search
88Journal Printing Co.     []None '53web search
88Kellogg Bros. Lumber Co.     [Fuel, Lumber, Building Material]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Land O'Lakes Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88Lullaby Furniture Corp.     [Juvenile Furniture Manufacturers]GB&W SOO '43 '531943: Soo
1953: GBW Soo
web search
88Mid City Foods Co. Inc.     [Wholesale Fruits & Groceries]GB&W SOO '53web search
88Sam Monastersky     [Scrap Iron & Paper]None '53web search
88Northern Auto Supply Co.     [Auto Parts] SOO '53web search
88Northwest Liquor Co.     [Liquor] '53web search
88Okray Produce Co.     [Potatoes]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Pagel Milling Co.     [Flour, Feed, Grain]GB&W '43 '53web search
88E. J. Pfiffner Co. (also: The Pfiffner Co.)     [Lumber, Building Material] SOO '43 '53web search
88Portage County Highway Dept.     [Highway Materials, Petroleum Products ] '53web search
88Portage County Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
88The Salski Co.     [Fuel]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: Single listing with GBW for all products
web search
88The Salski Co.     [Building Material]GB&W SOO '43 '531943: Soo
1953: Single listing with GBW for all products
web search
88A. A. Salski Supply Co.     [Asphalt Materials] SOO '43 web search
88A. L. Shafton and Co.     [Wholesale Fruits & Groceries]GB&W SOO '43 web search
88Shell Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
88Sinclair Refining Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
88Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88Steffke Freight Co.     [Storage ] SOO '53web search
88City of Stevens Point     [Material Yard] SOO '53web search
88Stevens Point Bakery     [Bakery]None '53web search
88Stevens Point Beverage Co.     [Beer]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Stevens Point Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '43 '53web search
88Stevens Point Dairy Products Co.     [Dairy Products]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
88Stevens Point Pulp and Paper Co.     [Pulp & Paper Manufacturers] SOO '43 web search
88Stevens Point State Teachers College     [Coal]None '53web search
88The Texas Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88Vetter Mfg. Co.     [Lumber] SOO '43 '532116 Wood St.
web search
88Viking Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '53web search
88Wadham's Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 '53web search
88West Side Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] SOO '53web search
88Whiting-Plover Paper Co.     [Paper Manufacturers]GB&W SOO '43 '53web search
88Wisconsin Public Service Corp.     [Utility Corporation (Pole Yard)]GB&W '43 web search
88Wisconsin Public Service Corp.     [Utility Corporation (Gas Plant)] SOO '43 '53web search
88Wisconsin River Paper and Pulp Co.     [Paper Manufacturers]GB&W SOO '43 web search


Wisconsin Rapids (GB&W Station 96)
The division point of the railroad had a small yard and engine srevice facility.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
96Ahdawagam Paper Products Co.     [Manufacturers Fibre Board Boxes, Paper Cores & Tubes]GB&W SOO '43 web search
96L. L. Bender Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '53web search
96Bender-Kirschling Fuel Co.     [Coal & Wood] SOO '43 web search
96Benson Co.     [Coal & Wood] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96A. F. Billmeyer & Son     [Architects and Builders]None '43 '53web search
96Biron Cranberry Co.     [Cranberries] SOO '43 '53web search
96R. Bocanner & Co.     [Scrap Iron, Metal, Rags & Junk] SOO '43 '53web search
96Bossert Coal Co.     [Coal, Wood, Fuel Oil] C&NW SOO '43 '53web search
96Wm. Burchell     [Fruit Distributors] SOO '53web search
96Central Wisconsin Motor Transport     [Storage & Gasoline] SOO '53web search
96Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
96City Gas Co.     [Gas for Domestic Use] C&NW '43 '53web search
96Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co.     [Printing, Newsprint, Wrapping, Magazine, Book Papers]GB&W CMStP&P C&NW SOO '43 '53web search
96Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co. (Adawagham Division)     [Corrugated Paper & Boxes]GB&W SOO '53web search
96Dairy State Cold Storage     [Cheese] CMStP&P '43 web search
96Daly Lumber & Fuel Co.     [Coal, Ice, Lumber]GB&W '43 web search
96Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 web search
96Farm Service Co.     [Grain, Flour & Feed] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Frank Carber Co.     [Scrap Iron, Metal & Junk] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Frank Gill Co.     [Paint Manufacturer, Window Glass]GB&W '43 '53web search
96Gross Bros.     [Transfer Company, Truck terminal] SOO '43 '53web search
96Guarantee Hardware Co.     [General Hardware] SOO '43 '53web search
96F. J. Henry Construction Co.     [General Concrete & Construction Work]None '43 '53web search
96Hillside Transit Co.     [Storage Warehouse for Great A&P Tea Co.] CMStP&P '53web search
96Jacobs Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '53web search
96Johnson & Hill Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '53web search
96Johnson & Hill Co.     [Gen'l Merchandise] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Kellogg Bros. Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Lime, Building Material] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Kirschling Fuel Service     [Fuel] SOO '53web search
96Kraft Foods Co.     [Cheese] CMStP&P '53web search
96James LaVigne Hardware Co.     [Hardware & lmplements]None '43 web search
96Lillibridge Furniture Co.     [Furniture Dealer]None '43 web search
96Marling Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CMStP&P
1953: CNW MILW
web search
96F. F. Mengel Co.     [General Contractor]None '43 web search
96Miller Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53web search
96Montgomery Ward and Co.     [General Merchandise]None '43 '53web search
96Normington's Laundry     [Laundry & Dry Cleaning] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Peoples Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '43 '53web search
96Tom Peterson     [Concrete, Sand, Gravel]GB&W '43 web search
96Prentiss Wabers Products     [Manufacturers Gasoline Stoves, Lantern, Blow Torches, Cooling Boxes]GB&W '43 web search
96Preway Inc.     [Manufacturers of Stives, Furnaces, Lanterns, Blow Torches, Cooling Boxes]GB&W '53web search
96Rapids Beverage Co.     [Soft Drinks & Beer]GB&W '43 '53web search
96Rapids Coal Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53web search
96Rapids Feed & Supply Co.     [Feed] SOO '53web search
96Rapids Furniture Co.     [Furniture]None '53web search
96Rapids Ice & Fuel Co.     [Coal, Coke & Wood]GB&W '43 web search
96Rapids Lumber and Supply Co.     [Lumber & Building Materials]None '53web search
96Rapids Sheet Metal Co.     [Sheet Metal & Roofing]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
96Sampson Canning Co.     [Canned Green Beans, Beets]GB&W '43 '53web search
96Shearier Concrete Co.     [Concrete, Sand, Gravel]GB&W '43 web search
96Shell Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Sinclair Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
96Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Thiry Coal & Wood Co.     [Coal & Wood]GB&W '43 web search
96Tork Co.     [Coal & Cement] CMStP&P '53web search
96Wadham's Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Water Works & Lighting Commission     [Electricity and Water] SOO '43 web search
96Wisconsin Cranberry Sales (also: American Cranberry Exchange)     [Cranberries]GB&W '43 '531943: GBW
1953: None
web search
96Wisconsin Rapids Gas Co.     [Petroleum Gas] C&NW '53web search
96Wisconsin Rapids Motor Co.     [Buick Dealers]None '43 '53web search
96Wisconsin Rapids Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] SOO '43 web search
96Wisconsin Valley Creamery     [Dairy Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Wood County Grocery Co.     [Wholesale Groceries] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
96Wood County Highway Comm.     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search


Biron (GB&W Station 99)
Connected to the mainline via a three-mile spur.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
99Biron Cranberry Co.     [Cranberries] '43 '53web search
99Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co.     [Paper Manufacturer] '43 '53web search
99Wisconsin Cranberry Sales (also: American Cranberry Exchange)     [Cranberries] '43 '53web search


Walker (GB&W Station 102)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
102Searles Cranberry Co.     [Cranberries] '43 '53web search
102Wisconsin Cranberry Sales (also: American Cranberry Exchange)     [Cranberries] '43 '53web search


Elm Lake (GB&W Station 105)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
105Wisconsin Cranberry Sales (also: American Cranberry Exchange)     [] '43 web search


Pray (GB&W Station 120)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
120Field Bros.     [Sphagnum Moss] '43 '53Off-track
web search
120J. Koslowski     [General Merchandise] '53Across street
web search


City Point (GB&W Station 121)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
121Beshel Garage     [Auto Repairs] '53One block off-track
web search
121Bissig Brothers     [Cranberries] '53Probably off-track
web search
121County Line Garage     [Automobile Repair] '53web search
121Ellis and Volz     [Cranberries & Sphagnum Moss] '53One block+ off track
web search
121Martin Fransen     [General Merchandise, Blueberries] '43 '53One block+ off track
web search
121Herbert Jensen     [Sphagnum Moss] '43 '53Probably off-track
web search
121C. Jepson     [Cranberries] '53web search
121Michalak and Smagacz     [Cranberries] '53Probably off-track
web search
121Mosser Lee (Louis Epstein)     [Florist Moss] '43 '53In Millston, Wis.
web search
121Alvin Nelson     [Sphagnum Moss] '53Probably off track
web search
121F. N. Nelson     [Sphagnum Moss] '43 '53General store one block off-track
web search
121North American Moss Co.     [Sphagnum Moss] '53Probably off track
web search
121L. Paulson     [Sphagnum Moss] '53Probably off track
web search
121Pure Sphagnum Moss Co.     [Sphagnum Moss] '53Probably off track
web search
121F. K. Reshel     [Sphagnum Moss] '43 '53Probably off track
web search
121Thomas Reshel     [Sphagnum Moss] '53Probably off track
web search
121Reshel Garage     [Chevolet Dealer, Petroleum Products] '43 web search


Hatfield (GB&W Station 142)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
142Hatfield Sand & Gravel Co.     [Sand & Gravel] '43 '53One mile east of Hatfield, within 1/4 mile of track.
web search
142Northern States Power & Light Company     [Power & Light] '43 '53Dam and power house on track, but no siding
web search
142J. Vieux     [General Merchandise] '53Store is directly across track in center of town.
web search


Merrillan (GB&W Station 148)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
148Armour & Co.     [Cheese]GB&W CStPM&O '43 '53Located on wye between GBW & CStPMO
1943: GBW CStPM&O
1953: GBW
web search
148Erickson Hardware Co.     [Hardware, Cement, Tile]None '43 Two blocks off track
web search
148R. H. Hamilton     [Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Coal]GB&W '43 Two blocks+ off track
web search
148Home Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] CStPM&O '43 '53On CStPMO across from east wye
web search
148Ideal Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products]GB&W '43 Just east of diamond on track
web search
148Larson Fuel Co.     [Coal]GB&W '53Possibly just east of diamond
web search
148Village of Merrillan     [Light & Power]GB&W '43 '53One block off track east side of town
web search
148Merrillan Hardware Co.     [Hardware]GB&W '53Two blocks off track
web search
148J. C. Schneider     [Building Materials]GB&W CStPM&O '53Brick buidling across street from east wye Main St. crossing
web search


Alma Center (GB&W Station 152)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
152Alma Center Cheese Factory     [Cheese] '53Off track
web search
152Alma Center Shipping Assn.     [Livestock] '43 '53On track by depot
web search
152Alma Center Strawberry Assn.     [Strawberries] '53Warehouse on track
web search
152Armour & Co.     [Cheese] '43 web search
152Bakke Feed Mill Co.     [Flour, Feed, Seeds, Coal, Farm Machinery & Supplies] '43 Next to track
web search
152Buttke Chevrolet Garage     [Automobile Dealer, Machinery] '53One block+ off track
web search
152Farmer's Store     [General Merchandise] '53Two blocks off track
web search
152Garret Fox     [Locker] '53One block off track
web search
152Gilbert Laufenberg     [Livestock] '53On track
web search
152Ben Nuzum Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Materials, Hardware, Appliances] '43 On track
1953: Sequin Lumber and Hardware Co.
web search
152Red and White Store     [General Merchandise] '53One block+ off track
web search
152Ruth & Ruth Co. (also: Ruth and Ruth Store)     [General Merchandise] '43 '53One block+ off track
web search
152Schultz Hardware     [General Hardware] '43 One block+ off track
web search
152Sequin Lumber and Hardware Co.     [Lumber, Building Materials, Hardware, Appliances] '53On track
1943: Ben Nuzum Lumber Co.?
web search
152Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53Probably on-track
web search
152Adam Statz     [Agricultural Implements, Appliances] '53On Main St. but adjacent to tracks
web search
152Stephenson's Feed and Grain Co.     [Flour, Feed & Grain] '53On track by depot
web search
152Warrens Fruit Growers Assn.     [Strawberries] '43 web search
152T. F. Wheaton     [Livestock] '43 web search


Hixton (GB&W Station 158)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
158R. Babcock     [Pulpwood] '53web search
158Bills Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
158Chapple Hardware & Lumber Co.     [Hardware, Lumber, Building Material, Sand & Gravel] '43 Two blocks+ off track
web search
158Farmers Oil Co. (also: Farmer's Co-op. Oil Co.)     [Petroleum Products & General Store] '43 '53On track; now owns GBW depot building
web search
158P. Getman     [Plumbing Supplies] '53web search
158Hagen Hatchery     [Baby Chicks] '53web search
158Hixton Egg Co.     [Eggs] '53Two blocks off track
web search
158Hixton Feed Mill     [Flour & Feed, Grain & Hay, Farm Machinery] '43 '53Probably on-track
web search
158Hixton Livestock Shipping Assn.     [Livestock] '53On track
web search
158Hogenson Store     [General Store] '53Probably two blocks+ off track
web search
158Larson Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53Probably on track
web search
158W. Lien     [Agricultural Implements] '53Off track, 2 miles east of town
web search
158F. Loasching     [General Store] '53Probably off-track
web search
158Mattson Mill     [Grain] '53web search
158H. McGown Supply Store     [Agricultural Implements, Seeds, Electrical Appliances] '53web search
158H. Nelson     [General Store] '53Probably off track
web search
158Pepin Pickle Co.     [Cucumbers in Brine, Pickle Receiving Station] '43 '53Probably on track
web search
158Sequin Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Hardware, Cement & Coal] '53On track across from depot
web search
158Silver Mound Creamery Co.     [Butter] '43 Off track
web search
158H. T. Smith     [Road Contractor] '53Probably off track
web search
158Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53Probably on track
web search
158Steen Mercantile Co.     [General Merchandise] '43 Probably off track
web search
158Tank Car Service Oil Co.     [Gasoline] '43 Probably on track
web search
158A. Trudeau     [Feed Mill] '53web search
158S. H. Van Gorden & Son     [General Merchandise] '43 web search


Taylor (GB&W Station 165)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
165L. H. Amundson     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
165Beaver Creek Cheese Co.     [Cheese] '43 web search
165Bradley & Skutley Hardware Co.     [General Hardware] '43 web search
165Casper and Chrisinger     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
165Clover Farm Store     [Groceries & Meats] '43 web search
165F. T. Gibson     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 web search
165Gilbertson Elevator Co.     [Grain, Feed, Coal, Fertilizer] '53web search
165T. J. Hanson Company     [Groceries & Dry Goods] '43 web search
165Jack Sprat Store     [General Merchandise] '53web search
165Alfred Kelly     [Livestock] '43 '53web search
165Laffe Lumber Co.     [Building Materials] '53web search
165Larson Bros. Hardware     [General Hardware] '43 '53web search
165Larson Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
165Olson & Anderson Lbr. Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 web search
165Olson Feed Store     [Flour & Feed] '43 web search
165Onalaska Pickle & Canning Co.     [Cucumbers in Brine] '43 '53web search
165Palmer-Dahl Garage     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
165Relyea Dahlia Gardeners     [Strawberries, Plants] '43 '53web search
165Ray Sather     [Cement Blocks] '53web search
165A. E. Skutley Garage     [Ford Dealer] '43 web search
165Taylor Cold Storage Co.     [Cold Storage] '53web search
165Taylor Creamery Assn.     [Butter] '43 '53web search
165Taylor Feed & Produce Co.     [Flour & Feed, Farm Machinery, Hay, Fertilizer] '43 '53web search
165S. H. Van Gorden & Son     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
165Wagner Auto Co.     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search


Blair (GB&W Station 171)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
171Anderson Bothers     [Feed, Fertilizer, Feed Grinding] '53web search
171Iver Berg Garage     [General Auto Repairs] '53web search
171Blair Cereal Mills (W. E. Chenoweth Co.)     [Flour, Feed, Fertilizer] '43 web search
171Blair Farmers Shipping Assn.     [Livestock] '43 '53web search
171Blair Packing Corp.     [Canned Peas] '43 web search
171Blair Produce     [Live or Dressed Poultry] '53web search
171Blair Locker Service     [Quick Freeze & Eggs] '53web search
171Briggs Transfer Company     [Trucking, Egg Dealer] '43 web search
171Central Yard Company     [Lumber & Fuel] '43 '53web search
171Coast to Coast Stores     [General Hardware] '53web search
171Fall River Canning Co.     [Canned Goods] '53web search
171Gamble Store     [Hardware, Radios & Electrical Appliances] '53web search
171Herried Brothers     [Hardware] '53web search
171L. S. Johnson     [General Drayage & Ice] '53web search
171Kolve Garage     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
171Leserman Brothers     [Eggs] '43 web search
171Linberg Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements & Repairs] '53web search
171Mattison Dairy     [Dairy Products] '53web search
171Meadowbrook Farm Produce Co.     [Eggs] '43 web search
171Morningside Farms     [Eggs] '43 web search
171T. J. Moss Tie Co.     [Lumber & Railroad Ties] '43 web search
171Northern States Power Co.     [Electric Power & Elec. Appliances] '53web search
171Prie S. Olson Co.     [Feed & Fertilizer, Chicken Hatchery] '43 '53web search
171Onalaska Pickle & Canning Co.     [Cucumbers in Brine, Canned Goods] '43 '53web search
171Ford Porter Co.     [General Drayage, Ice, Beer Distributors] '43 '53web search
171Preston Co-op Creamery Assn.     [Butter, Dried Buttermilk, Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
171Sathers Market     [Groceries & Meats] '53web search
171Schroeder's Market     [Groceries & Meats] '53web search
171Slette Hatchery     [Eggs, Poultry, Seed] '43 '53web search
171Standard Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
171Herbert Stone     [General Merchandise] '53web search
171Utne Hatchery     [Chick Hatchery & Eggs] '53web search
171Webster Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Railroad Ties] '43 '53web search


Ettrick (GB&W Station *)
Etrrick was off line, but had a ten-mile rail connection to the GB&W via Blair. The interchange with the Ettrick Railroad was retired in September 1936.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
*Bourn Feed Store     [Flour, Feed, Fertilizer, Salt] '53web search
*Ford Casey Co.     [Automobile Dealer & Agricultural Implements] '53web search
*Ettrick Creamery     [Dairy Products] '53web search
*Ettrick Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Cement] '53web search
*H and R Electric Co.     [Hardware & Agricultural Implements] '53web search
*Runnestrand Brothers     [Furniture & Funeral Home] '53web search


Whitehall (GB&W Station 178)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
178Auto Sales Co.     [Ford Dealer] '43 '53web search
178Briggs Motor Sales     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
178Briggs Transfer Co.     [Trucking, Egg & Ice Dealer] '43 web search
178Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
178Community Hospital     [Hospital (Recievers of Coal)] '43 web search
178Co-operative Oil & Produce Co.     [Petroleum Products, Fertilizer] '43 '53web search
178Dried Milk Products Cooperative     [Dried Milk Products] '53web search
178P. Ekern Co.     [General Merchandise, Salt, Coal, Feed] '43 web search
178Erickson Bros.     [General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
178Farmers Egg Service     [Eggs] '43 web search
178Farmers Store     [General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
178E. C. Getts & Son (also: Getts Farm Produce)     [Live Poultry, Eggs, Coal] '43 '53web search
178Gilbertson Bros.     [Automobiles] '43 web search
178Hagen-Pontiac     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
178Eugene Harlow     [Egg Dealer] '43 web search
178Holtan's Veneer     [Veneer & Box Factory] '53web search
178Iverson-Larson Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 '53web search
178Land O'Lakes Creameries Inc.     [Dairy Products, Feed, Fertilizer, Eggs] '43 '53web search
178R. R. Langworthy     [Cement Blocks] '53web search
178Meadow Brook Produce     [Eggs] '53web search
178Theo. B. Olson     [General Hardware, Electrical Appliances] '43 '53web search
178Olson Feed Store     [Feeds, Grain, Wool, Coal] '43 '53web search
178Onalaska Pickle & Canning Co.     [Cucumbers in Brine, Canned Goods] '43 '53web search
178P. M. Paulson     [Farm Implements, Livestock, Fertilizer] '43 '53web search
178Petersson Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
178Pigeon Falls Co-op. Creamery     [Butter, Dried Milk, Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
178Pigeon Falls Milling Co.     [Feed, Grain & Coal] '53web search
178August Ringstad     [Cement Blocks] '43 web search
178H. A. Schaefer     [Commercial Honey Producer] '53web search
178Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
178Trempealeau County Asylum     [Farm Products (Receive Coal)] '43 web search
178Trempealeau County Highway Commission     [Highway Building Material] '43 '53web search
178Trempealeau Vally Dairy Cooperative     [Dairy Products] '53web search
178Wadham's Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
178Whitehall Creamery Assn.     [Butter, Dried Milk] '43 web search
178Whitehall Farmers' Union Co-op. Shipping Assn.     [Livestock] '43 web search
178Whitehall Hardware & Furniture     [General Hardware & Furniture] '53web search
178Whitehall Hatchery     [Poultry, Eggs] '43 web search
178Whitehall Mill & Power Co.     [Feeds & Fertilizer] '43 '53web search
178Whitehall Packing Co.     [Livestock, Hides & Tallow] '53web search
178Whitehall Rendering Co.     [Tallow & Hides] '53web search
178Whitehall Service Garage     [Automobiles] '43 web search
178Van Gordan Hatchery     [Poultry, Eggs] '53web search


Independence (GB&W Station 184)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
184Beacker Motor Sales     [Automobile Dealer & Repairs] '53web search
184Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
184Elk Creek Creamery Co.     [Butter, Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
184Elk Creek Garage     [Automobile Repairs] '53web search
184Garthus Store     [Wood, General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
184M. T. Gunderson     [Egg & Poultry Dealer] '53web search
184H. C. Halama     [Livestock] '53web search
184Independence Bottling Co.     [Beverages] '53web search
184Independence Creamery Co.     [Butter, Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
184Independence Hatchery     [Poultry] '53web search
184Independence Milling Co.     [Feeds] '53web search
184T. D. Kotlarz     [Farm Implements, Livestock] '43 '53web search
184Lygas Store     [General Merchandise] '53web search
184T. J. Moss Tie Co.     [Ties, Lumber] '43 web search
184Northern Wisconsin Co-op. Tobacco Pool     [Tobacco] '43 '53web search
184Pietrek's Service Station     [Automobile Dealer & Repairs] '53web search
184F. R. Roberts Elevator Co.     [Flour, Feed, Grain, Seed, Oyster Shells, Hay, Salt ] '43 '53web search
184Joseph M. Roskos     [Coal ] '43 '53web search
184Runkel Hardare Co.     [Genberal Hardware Merchandise] '53web search
184Smick Produce     [Eggs, Mfr. Of Wood & Paper Egg Cases] '53web search
184Sprecher Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material, Insulation, Sand, Gravel] '43 '53web search
184Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] '43 '53web search
184Torgerson Hardware     [General Hardware, Roofing ] '43 '53web search
184R. C. Warner     [Livestock ] '43 web search
184R. Warner Bros.     [Farm Implements, Hardware, Building Material, Coal] '43 '53web search
184Warner Feed & Elevator     [Grain] '53web search
184M. A. Wiemer & Co.     [Furniture] '53web search


Arcadia (GB&W Station 192)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
192A. G. Cooperative Creamery (also: A. G. Creamery Co. )     [Dairy Products] '43 '531943: Single listing for A. G. Creamery Co.
web search
192A. G. Cooperative Elevator (also: A. G. Creamery Co. )     [Poultry, Eggs, Feed, Grain, Hay] '43 '531943: Single listing for A. G. Creamery Co.
web search
192Arcadia Co-op. Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
192Arcadia Co-op. Store     [Dry Goods, General Merchandise] '53web search
192Arcadia Elevator Co.     [Feeds] '43 web search
192Arcadia Feed Mill     [Feed, Hay & Grain] '53web search
192Arcadia Implement Co.     [Farm Implements ] '43 '53web search
192Arcadia Motor Supply     [Auto Dealer & Agricultural Implements] '53web search
192Arcadia Orange Crush Bottling Works     [Bottling Works, Ice Cream ] '43 '53web search
192Arcadia Refrigeration & Air Conditioning     [Elec. Appliances, heating & Air Conditioning] '53web search
192Otmer Arnold     [General Contractor ] '43 '53web search
192Benusa Thiesen Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '53web search
192Ed Brezinski     [Plymouth Dealer ] '43 web search
192Berzinski Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '53web search
192Central Yard Co.     [Building Material, Coal ] '43 '53web search
192Coast to Coast Furniture Store     [Furniture] '53web search
192Coast to Coast Hardware     [General Hardware & Auto Parts] '53web search
192Community Telephone Co. of Wisconsin     [Telephone District Headquarters ] '43 '53web search
192East Arcadia Feed Mill     [Feed & Grain] '53web search
192Wm. Eckel Implement Co.     [Farm Machinery, Trucks ] '43 '53web search
192Farmers Store     [General Merchandise ] '43 '53web search
192R. H. Fetting     [Furniture & Undertaking ] '43 web search
192Omer Fugina     [Scrap Iron, Junk, Hides, etc.] '43 '53web search
192Fullerton Lumber Co.     [Building materials & Coal] '53web search
192M. W. George Co.     [General Contractor] '43 web search
192Gullickson Motor Co.     [Ford Dealer ] '43 web search
192Hullberg Appliance Store     [Electrical Appliances] '53web search
192Nels Johnson     [Livestock] '53web search
192J. P. Keller     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 web search
192J. J. Klopotek     [Plumbing & Electrical Appliances] '53web search
192Kotlarz & Son     [Electrical Appliances] '53web search
192Larson City Dairy     [Dairy Products] '53web search
192W. P. Massuere Co.     [General Merchandise, Implements, Hardware, Livestock ] '43 '53web search
192T. J. Moss Tie Co.     [Ties, Lumber, Logs] '43 '53web search
192Reid Murdock Co.     [Bulk Pickle Plant ] '43 web search
192Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co.     [Logs] '53web search
192Harry L. Stagg     [General Contractor] '53web search
192Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] '43 '53web search
192Louis Tickochinsky     [Junk Dealer ] '43 web search
192Trempealeau County Shops     [Highway Material, Petroleum Products ] '43 '53web search
192Trempealeau Electric Co-op.     [Light, Power, Appliances ] '43 '53web search
192Tyvand Motor Sales     [Auto Dealer & Agricultural Implements] '53web search
192Vogel Garage     [Chevrolet & Oldsmobile Dealer ] '43 '53web search
192Wadhams Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] '43 '53web search
192Webb Furniture Stores     [Furniture & Undertaking] '53web search
192Wisconsin Motor Sales     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search


Dodge (GB&W Station 205)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
205Buffalo & Trempealeau Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] '43 '53web search
205Dodge Creamery Co.     [Butter & Cheese, Dairy Products] '43 '53web search
205Andrew Hoesley Hardware & Implement Co.     [Hardware & Farm Implements ] '43 '53web search
205George Hoesley Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '53web search
205Andrew Jereczek     [General Groceries & Meats] '43 web search
205Delbert Mueller     [General Groceries & Meats] '53web search
205Northwest Tie & Lumber Co.     [Ties & Logs] '53web search
205Roddis Plywood Corp.     [Logs] '53web search
205Charles Smith     [Ties & Lumber] '53web search
205Jacob Tuluis     [Blacksmith & Hardware] '43 '53web search


Winona (GB&W Station 214)
The western terminal of the railroad.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
214Aakre Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.     [Tow, Straw, Decorticated Straw] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: CNW MILW
web search
214Armour & Co.     [Packing House Products ] CB&Q '43 '531943: CBQ
1953: GBW CBQ
web search
214Armour Fertilizer Works     [Fertilizer Manufacturer] CB&Q '53Served by CB&Q/BN spur coming off of Winona Bridge hi-line in later years.
web search
214Autocrat Products     [Manufacturer of Automobile Paints]None '53web search
214Badger Foundry     [Foundry ] C&NW '53web search
214Bay State Milling Co.     [Flour, Feed, Grain] CB&Q CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
web search
214H. Behrens Mfg Co.     [Sheet Metalware ]None '43 '53web search
214Biesanz Stone Co.     [Stone ]None '43 '53web search
214Bittner Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Boland Manufacturing Co.     [Plastic Garments]None '53web search
214Botsford Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Building Material ] CB&Q C&NW '43 '531943: CNW CBQ
1953: GBW CNW
web search
214Brom Machine Foundry Co.     [Metal Castings]None '53web search
214Peter Bub Brewing Co. Inc.     [Brewery] CGW '43 '531943: CGW
1953: None
web search
214Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Coca Cola Bottling Co.     [Bottling Works, Beer ]None '43 '53web search
214Colonial Warehouse Inc.     [Storage ] CB&Q '43 web search
214R. D. Cone Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Hardware ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Consumers Fuel Co.     [Ice, Coal, Wood ] CMStP&P '43 web search
214Culligan Soft Water Service     [Water Softener]None '53web search
214Dalleska Concrete Products     [Concrete Blocks]None '53web search
214Diamond Huller Co.     [Hullers, Saw Rigs, etc. ] C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: None
web search
214Doerers     [Coal, Machinery, Electrical Appliances & Petroleum Products] CMStP&P '53web search
214H. J. Dunn     [Black Top Surfacing Contractor] C&NW '53web search
214East End Coal Co.     [Coal, Wood, Cement Blocks & Oil] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Enstad Nash Motors Inc.     [Autombile Dealer]None '53web search
214Farmer's Exchange     [Feed] C&NW '53web search
214Federal Bakery Co.     [Bakery Products]None '53web search
214Feiten Implement Co.     [Farm Implements ]None '43 '53web search
214Forster Paint & Mfg. Co.     [Roofing & Engine Cement]None '43 web search
214Froedtert Grain & Malting Co.     [Barley, Malt, Screenings, Grain ] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '53web search
214Gamble Robinson Co.     [Wholesale Fruit, Vegetables, Groceries ] CB&Q C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: GBW CBQ
web search
214Gate City Iron Works     [Foundry ] C&NW '43 web search
214Gate City Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Gerstenberg & Co.     [Grain Elevator ] C&NW '53web search
214Goodrich Corp.     [Poultry & Egg Processing] CB&Q '53web search
214The Gorman Co.     [Castings]None '53web search
214A. Grams & Son     [Flour, Feed, Gram, Seed, Salt, etc. ] CB&Q '43 '531943: CBQ
1953: GBW CBQ
web search
214Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.     [Beer ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Hiawatha Wood Products     [Furniture Frames] CGW '53web search
214Hossfeld Mfg. Co.     [Iron & Pipe Benders, Rock Drills ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214International Harvester Co.     [Motor Trucks, Agricultural Implements, etc. ] C&NW '43 web search
214Koch Products Co.     [Medicine, Extracts, Spices, Toilet Articles ]None '43 web search
214F. A. Krause Co.     [Automobile Dealer & Implements]None '53web search
214Lake Center Switch Co.     [Dimmer Switches]None '53web search
214Land O'Lakes Creameries Inc.     [Produce, Eggs, Poultry ]None '43 '53web search
214Latsch & Sons Co.     [Wholesale Groceries ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214H. W. Lea Co.     [Wholesale Fruit, Vegetables, Groceries ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Leicht Press     [Printers & Binders]None '53web search
214Lind Coal Co.     [Coal & Wood ] CMStP&P '43 web search
214Liberty Paper Box Co.     [Paper Boxes] CMStP&P '53web search
214Lowther Manufacturing Co.     [Feed Mills, & Saw Frames]None '53web search
214Madison Silo Co.     [Farm Silos, Bins ] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: CNW MILW
web search
214Mahlke Baking Co.     [Bakery Products]None '53web search
214Marigold Dairies Inc.     [Dairy Products ] C&NW '43 '531943: None
1953: CNW
web search
214Markle Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Matzke-Wilbert Vault Works     [Vaults]None '53web search
214McConnon Co.     [Patent Medicines Extracts, Insecticides, Disinfectants, Toilet Articles, etc. ] CB&Q '43 '53web search
214Mid-West Motor Co.     [Oldsmobile Dealer ]None '43 '53web search
214Louis Miller     [Junk, Hides, Fur ]None '43 '53web search
214Miller Waste Mills Inc.     [Waste, Scrap Iron & Paper ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Minnesota Evaporated Milk Co.     [Evaporated Milk ] CGW '43 web search
214Mississippi Public Service Comm.     [Light & Power ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Montgomery Ward Co.     [General Merchandise]None '43 '53web search
214National Weeklies Inc.     [Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, Printing ]None '43 '53web search
214Necco Ordinance Corp.     [Ordinance Paint] C&NW '53web search
214Northern Field Seed Co.     [Wholesale Seeds & Grain ] CB&Q CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Northern States Power Co.     [Gas Plant ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Northwest Cooperative Mills     [Commercial Fertilizer] C&NW '53web search
214Northwest Glove Co.     [Leather Goves]None '53web search
214Northwest Storage Co.     [Storage ] C&NW '53web search
214Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.     [Pole Storage ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Northwoods Products Co.     [Millwork]None '53web search
214Nystrom Motors     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214D. F. O'Brien Lumber Co.     [Coal, Lumber, Cement, Lime, Brick, Building Material] ] CB&Q CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW CBQ MILW
web search
214Owl Motor Co.     [Ford Dealer ]None '43 '53web search
214Peerless Chain Co.     [Chains ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Pepin Pickling Co.     [Pickles, Canned Goods, Kraut ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Permatest Concrete Pipe Co.     [Concrete Pipes]None '53web search
214Peterson Monument Co.     [Monuments ]None '43 '53web search
214Phillips Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: None
web search
214Plastic Industries Inc.     [Plastic Footwear]None '53web search
214Poppe Manufacturing Co.     [Stove Fixtures & Cabinets]None '53web search
214Rainbow Monument Co.     [Monuments]None '53web search
214Reinhard Brothers Co.     [Wholesale Auto Parts]None '53web search
214Republican-Herald Pub. Co.     [Newspaper, Printing ]None '43 web search
214Robb Bros.     [Company Coal, Lumber, Millwork ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Robinsoin Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Rochester Dairy Co.     [Evaporated Milk ] CGW '53web search
214Rosenbaum Bros.     [Grain Elevator ] C&NW '43 web search
214F. W. Sanders     [Agricultural Implements, Hardware ]None '43 '53web search
214Schuler Candy Co.     [Candy Factory ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Searles Sands and Gravel Co.     [Sand & Gravel] CMStP&P C&NW '53web search
214Seifert Baldwin Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Shell Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Skelly Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Standard Foundry     [Iron Castings]None '53web search
214Standard Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Cement] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW Riv. Term. '43 '53web search
214Stanfield Knitting Mills     [Hosiery ]None '43 '53web search
214Steffen Manufacturing Co.     [Hammer Mills]None '53web search
214Stehn Sand & Gravel Co.     [Sand & Gravel ] C&NW '43 web search
214Stevenson Coal Co.     [Coal & Wood ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Stott & Sons Co.     [Gloves & Mittens ]None '43 '53web search
214Swift & Co.     [Packing Plant ] CB&Q CMStP&P CGW '43 '531943: CGW
web search
214Texas Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214The Thurow Mfg. Co.     [Wooden Boxes, Beer Cases Millwork ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Twin City Oil Co. (also: Twin County Oil...)     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '43 '531943: Listed as Twin County Oil...
web search
214Unit Manufacturing Co.     [Oil Filters] CB&Q '53web search
214Upland Products Co.     [Food Products, Beverages ] C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: None
web search
214Valley Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Valley Wholesale Co.     [Paper Products (Wholesale)] CB&Q '53web search
214Vatter Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214C. Paul Venables     [Automobile Dealer]None '53web search
214Voelker & Groff     [Brick Manufacturers ]None '43 '53web search
214Vulcan Manufacturing Co. Inc.     [Hydraulic Auto Jacks, Plane Ladders, Bomb Flare Parts, etc. ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Wadham's Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] C&NW '53web search
214Dr. Ward's Medicine Co.     [Patent Medicine, Extracts, Spices, etc. ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214J. R. Watkins Co.     [Medicines, Extracts, Spices, Toilet Goods, etc.] CB&Q CGW '43 '531943: CBQ
1953: CBQ CGW
web search
214Webb Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Webster Lumber Co.     [Ties, Lumber ] CB&Q '43 web search
214Sam Weisman & Sons     [Hides, Fur, Junk] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Western Grain & Coal Co.     [Ice, Coal, Feed ] CB&Q CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW
1953: MILW CBQ
web search
214Western Motor Sales     [Chrysler & Plymouth Dealers ]None '43 '53web search
214Western Oil & Fuel Co-op.     [Petroleum Products ] CB&Q C&NW Riv. Term. '43 '531943: CNW River Term.
1953: CBQ
web search
214Williams hardware co.     [Wholesale Hardware]None '53web search
214H. J. Willis Estate (also: Willis Co.)     [Coal, Fuel Oil, Building Materials ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Winmar Fibre Co.     [Flax Tow, Flax Straw ] C&NW '43 web search
214Winona Attrition Co.     [Feed Mill Equipment]None '53web search
214Winona Body Co.     [Truck Vans & Bodies]None '53web search
214Winona Boiler Co.     [Boilers & Tanks, Smoke Stacks, Structural Steel ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Winona Chick Hatchery     [Poultry] C&NW '53web search
214Winona Coal Co.     [Coal, Wood ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Winona Feed & Implement Co.     [Feed, Agricultural Implements] CB&Q '53web search
214Winona Flour & Feed Co.     [Flour, Feed, Hay, Farm Machinery] CB&Q C&NW '43 web search
214Winona Heating and Ventilating Co.     [Sheet Metal Work, Roofing, Insulation ]None '43 '53web search
214Winona Knitting Mills     [Sweaters]None '53web search
214Winona Machine and Electric Shop     [Machine Shop]None '53web search
214Winona Machine and Foundry     [Foundry ] C&NW '43 web search
214Winona Metal Products Co.     [Sheet Metal Work ] C&NW '43 '53web search
214Winona Monument Co.     [Monuments ] CMStP&P '43 '53web search
214Winona Motor Co.     [Buick & Chevrolet Dealer ] C&NW '43 '531943: None
1953: CNW
web search
214Winona Oil and Fuel Terminal     [Petroleum Products] CB&Q '53web search
214Winona Produce Co.     [Eggs, Poultry ]None '43 '53web search
214Winona Sand & Gravel Co.     [Sand & Gravel ] CMStP&P C&NW '43 '531943: CNW MILW
1953: MILW
web search
214Winona Terminal & Dock Co.     [River Tank Terminal ] CB&Q '43 web search
214Winona Textile Mills Inc.     [Yarn Mill ]None '43 '53web search
214Winona Tool Manufacturing Co.     [Automobile Equipment]None '53web search
214Winona Truck and Implement Co.     [Machinery, Agricultural Implements] C&NW '53web search
214Yahnke Ice and Fuel Co.     [Coal, Wood, Ice] CB&Q CMStP&P '43 '531943: MILW CBQ
1953: CBQ
web search
214Walter Young Hardware     [Wholesale Hardware]None '53web search
214Zip Bottling Co.     [Beverages]None '53web search


New Franken (KGB&W Station 13)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
13John J. Basten Co.     [Hay, Grain, Feeds, General Merchandise] '43 '53Eastbound trailing spur on south side of tracks.
web search
13Max Duquaine & Sons     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 '53Off line
web search
13A. L. Greiling     [Hay, Grain, Coal, Feeds, General Merchandise] '43 '53On line
web search
13Ed. La Frombois     [Livestock] '43 Off line
web search
13Menominee Sugar Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Probably loaded on line during harvest season
web search
13Michael Motors     [Machinery, Tractors] '53Off line
web search
13New Franken Motors Co.     [Garage, Automobile Dealer] '43 '53Off line; this business was owned by the great-grandfather of the author of this web site.
web search
13New Franken Oil Co. (also: Wadham's Bulk Plant)     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53On line
1943: New Franken Oil Co.
1953: Wadham's Bulk Plant
web search
13A. L. Smith     [Livestock] '43 Off line
web search
13Superior Sugar Refining Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Probably loaded on line during harvest season
web search
13Van Drisse Auto Co.     [Garage, Machinery, Tractors] '43 Off line
web search


Luxemburg (KGB&W Station 19)Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
19Andrews Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
19Badger State Cheese Co.     [Cheese] '53web search
19Barbiaux Appliance Co.     [Stoves and Appliances] '43 '53web search
19Boretsky Electric Shop     [Electrical Appliances] '53web search
19Ernest Dalebroux     [Grave Vault Manufacturer] '53web search
19Jules Dalebroux     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
19Ed Demoulin     [Hay & Straw Dealer] '53web search
19Farmers Trading Company     [General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
19Louis Gillis Garage     [Garage and Farm Implements] '43 '53web search
19A. M. Hoppe and Sons Co.     [General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
19Hruska and Company (Route 1)     [General Merchandise, Flour, Feed and Coal] '43 '53Off line
web search
19Kohlbeck's Meat Market     [Meats] '53web search
19Ben Krueger Co.     [Garage & Agricultural Implements] '53web search
19Krueger Lumber Company     [Lumber & Coal] '43 web search
19Lemens Gamble Store     [General Merchandise, Stoves & Appliances] '53web search
19H. J. Leroy     [Lumber, Building Materials & Feed] '53web search
19Leon Libal     [General Merchandise] '53web search
19Libal Sheet Metal Co.     [Sheet Metal Work, Roofing] '43 '53web search
19Luxemburg Implement Co.     [Farm Implements] '43 '53On line
web search
19Luxemburg Gas and Appliance     [Stoves & Appliances] '53web search
19Luxemburg Manufacturing Co.     [Manufacturers Cheese Boxes; Grain, Feed, Seeds, Coal, Brick, Building Materials] '43 '53web search
19Luxemburg Milling Co.     [Flour, Feed, Coal, Farm Products] '43 '53On line
web search
19Luxemburg Motor Company     [Garage and Farm Implements] '43 '53web search
19Luxemburg Welding and Repair     [Iron & Steel & Farm Wagons] '53web search
19Jos. A. Mahlik     [General Merchandise] '43 web search
19McMahon's Furniture co.     [Furniture] '53web search
19Miesler Garage Company     [Garage and Farm Implements] '43 web search
19Quintal Paque     [General Merchandise] '43 '53web search
19Progressive Farmers of Wisconsin     [Petroleum Products, Hardware] '43 '53web search
19William Reckelberg     [Garage & Farm Implements ] '43 '53web search
19Sells Chevrolet     [Automobile Dealer] '53web search
19Shell Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 web search
19Simonar Service Station     [Garage & General Merchandise] '53web search
19Standard Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 '53web search
19Vans Lumber     [Lumber, Building Materials] '53web search


Casco Junction (KGB&W Station 23)
Casco Junction was the interchange point with the Ahnapee & Western RR.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
23Ready Mixed Concrete Co.     [Concrete, Gravel & Sand] '43 On spur just north of wye track.
web search


Bruemmer Park (KGB&W Station 32)
This town is just west of Kewaunee; the area is also referred to as Footbridge.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
32Kewaunee County Highway Commission     [Petroleum Products, Road Machinery] '43 web search


Kewaunee (KGB&W Station 36)
Location of the carferry slips for connections to the Pere Merquette (C&O after 1947) and Ann Arbor.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
36Albrecht Manufacturing Co.     [Building Materials, Manufacturers of Woodwork and Machinery] '43 web search
36R. C. Aude     [Dairy, Paints & Wall Paper] '43 web search
36Bathke Ofl Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 web search
36Anton Bisely     [Heating, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work] '43 web search
36A. M. Buchanan     [Undertaking, Monuments] '43 web search
36Ezra Burmeister & Son     [Agricultural Implements] '43 web search
36Cherney Lumber & Supply Co.     [Building Material] '43 web search
36Crescent Creamery     [Dairy Products] '43 web search
36Dishmaker Bros.     [Automobile Dealer (Buick, Dodge, Plymouth)] '43 web search
36Peter Dworak Motor Co.     [Automobile Dealer (Nash, Pontiac)] '43 web search
36R. Guse     [Building Contractor] '43 web search
36F. Hamachek Machine Co.     [Pea Threshers] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Bottling Works     [Soft Drinks] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Brewing Co.     [Beer] '43 324 Ellis St.
web search
36Kewaunee Co-operative Store     [Flour, Feed, Coal, Hardware, Groceries, Shoes, Dry Goods, Livestock] '43 web search
36Kewaunee County Highway Department     [Receivers of Petroleum Products, Road Building Material & Machinery] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Electric Light & Water Co.     [Light & Water] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Garage     [Automobile Dealer] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Grain Co.     [Grain, Dried Peas, Hay, Coal, Feed] '43 web search
36Kewaunee Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.     [Shipbuilding] '43 web search
36Kieweg Peters     [Dry Goods, Groceries, Furniture, Clothing] '43 web search
36Kuffan & Priebe Co.     [Cheese] '43 web search
36Leyse Aluminum Co.     [Aluminum Utensils] '43 web search
36Menominee Sugar Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Probably loaded on line during harvest season
web search
36William Pelishek     [Cement and Concrete Work] '43 web search
36Wencel J. Selner     [Plumbing & Heating] '43 web search
36W. Seyk Co.     [Hay, Grain, Wood, Coal, Seeds] '43 web search
36Shell Petroleum Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 web search
36Standard Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 web search
36Wm. Stoller Co.     [Grain] '43 web search
36Superior Sugar Refining Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Probably loaded on line during harvest season
web search
36Svoboda Church Furniture Co., Inc.     [Church Furniture] '43 web search
36Trottman & Selner     [Ice, Fuel, Sand & Gravel] '43 web search
36U. S. Engineering Department     [Ship Maintenance & Repairs] '43 web search


Casco (A&W Station 26)
Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
26B & H Milling Company     [Coal, Potatoes, Feeds, Grain, Flour & Hay] '43 Eastbound trailing spur just east of Church St.
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26Casco Co-operative Oil Company (Sinclair)     [Petroleum Products] '43 On siding north of main Ė east end
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26Casco Garage (Jos. Delebreau)     [Garage & Farm Implements] '43 Off line
web search
26Dantinne & Kaye     [Groceries, Hardware, Appliances, Plumbing] '43 Off line
web search
26J. P. Dhuey Company     [Meats, Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware, Livestock Buyers] '43 Off line
web search
26Evangeline Milk Company     [Raw Milk Receiving Plant] '43 Double ended spur east end of town, south side. Later became Casco Cheese Co.
web search
26Farrell Lumber Company     [Lumber, Coal, Hardware, Building Material] '43 On siding north of main, west of Sinclair.
web search
26W. J. Hucek (Route 1)     [General Merchandise] '43 Off-line
web search
26Kewaunee County Highway Commission     [Receivers of Road Oil] '43 On siding north of main
web search
26Menominee Sugar Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Off line, likely used team track at end of siding across from depot.
web search
26Midland Garage (Route 1) (Jos. P. Buhr)     [Auto Accessories & Parts] '43 Off line
web search
26Ruben's Hatchery (Route 1)     [Poultry St Feed] '43 Off line
web search
26Superior Sugar Refining Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Off line, likely used team track at end of siding across from depot.
web search
26Wadhams Oil Company     [Petroleum Products] '43 Later Laurent Oil, on siding north of main, west of Farrell
web search
26Mrs. J. J. Wiesner     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 Off line
web search


Rio Creek (A&W Station 32)
Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
32Builders Veneer & Woodwork Company     [Manufacturers Cheese Boxes, Building Materials] '43 Later Ratonís, on curved spur north of main.
web search
32Rio Creek Garage (Wilburt Walters)     [Garage & Farm Implements] '43 Next to Builders Veneer & Woodwork, likely used that spur for inbound shipments
web search
32Rio Creek Motors (Matt Theis)     [Garage & Farm Implements] '43 Off line
web search
32Van Dam & Son     [Elevator & Feed Mill] '43 On siding south of main.
web search


Algoma (A&W Station 37)
Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
37Algoma Farmers Co-op. Co.     [General Merchandise, Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Farm Products] '43 On spur south of main between 2nd and 4th Streets.
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37Algoma Foundry & Machine Co.     [Ensilage Cutters and Feed Grinders] '43 Off line across Ahnapee River, used platform at house track for outbound loads.
web search
37Algoma Fuel Co.     [Coal, Wood, Building Materials] '43 On siding across from depot.
web search
37Algoma Manufacturing Co.     [Mops] '43 On main, east of 2nd Street
web search
37Algoma Motors     [Automobiles, Farm Implements] '43 Off line
web search
37Algoma Net Company     [Flynets, Baby Swings, Hammocks] '43 On spur just east of 4th Street
web search
37Algoma Plywood & Veneer Co.     [Built-Up Wood] '43 A&W's largest customer; Plant 1 on north of Perry St contained several spurs, Plant 2 was south of (behind) the depot.
web search
37Algoma Printing Co.     [Printing, Newspaper] '43 Off line
web search
37Algoma Utility Commission     [Light & Power, Water] '43 On track just west of the lake, also received poles at wye
web search
37Bach Mercantile Co.     [General Merchandise] '43 Off line
web search
37Beach 5c-$1.00 Store     [Variety Store] '43 Off line
web search
37Blahnik Chevrolet Sales     [Automobile] '43 Off line
web search
37Fred Braun     [Agricultural Implements & Farm Machinery] '43 Off line
web search
37Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur west of town.
web search
37Empey Monument Co.     [Monuments] '43 Off line
web search
37Farrell Lumber Co.     [Coal, Wood, Building Material] '43 On spur just east of depot, shared with Algoma Plywood & Veneer Plant 2
web search
37P. C. Gerhart & Son     [Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
37R. L. Holtz     [Beer Distributor] '43 Off line
web search
37Horak Market     [Groceries & Meats] '43 Off line
web search
37H. H. Katch     [General Merchandise] '43 Off line
web search
37Knospe Bros.     [Agricultural Implements & Farm Machinery] '43 Off line
web search
37Lakeview Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Building Material] '43 Off line
web search
37I. Levin     [Junk Dealer] '43 Off line
web search
37Lidral Hardware Co.     [General Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
37Maedke Produce Co.     [Dairy Products and Feeds] '43 Off line
web search
37Meyer Plumbing & Heating Co.     [Plumbing & Heating] '43 Off line
web search
37Plumbers Woodwork Co.     [Toilet Seats and Tanks] '43 On spur just west of Silver Creek, across from oil spur
web search
37Ropson Motor Sales     [Automobiles. Farm Implements] '43 Off line
web search
37Seiler Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur west of town.
web search
37Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur west of Silver Creek
web search
37C. A. Straubel Co.     [Cheese] '43 On oil spur west of Silver Creek
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Forestville (A&W Station 44)
Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
44Justine Chaudoir     [Flour & Feed] '43 On spur at north end of town
web search
44Cities Oil Products Co. (Alvin C. Chaudoir)     [Petroleum Products] '43 On siding
web search
44Farrell Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Coal, Building Material] '43 Off line
web search
44Forestville Motors     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
44Chas. Jeanquart     [Horses] '43 Off line
web search
44Jorms Economy Store     [General Merchandise] '43 Off line
web search
44Menominee Sugar Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Off line
web search
44Prokash Garage     [Auto Repairing] '43 Off line
web search
44Lawrence Schlise     [Meats & Groceries] '43 Off line
web search
44Mark Schlise     [Agricultural Implements] '43 Off line
web search
44George Schmitz     [Livestock] '43 Off line
web search
44Service Motors     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
44Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On spur across the road (west of) feed mill
web search
44Superior Sugar Refining Co.     [Shipper of Sugar Beets] '43 Off-line, used team track at southern end of siding.
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Maplewood (A&W Station 49)
Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
49Casco Co-op. Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On spur at south end of town
web search
49Door County Co-operative Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products, Feed] '43 On siding west of main on 42
web search
49Farrell Lumber Co.     [Lumber, Fuel] '43 Off line
web search
49J. H. Fischer     [General Merchandise] '43 Off line
web search
49Knauf & Tesch     [Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay, Cement, Potatoes, etc.] '43 On line, two elevators on siding west of main both sides of County H
web search
49Maplewood Garage     [Automobile Repairing] '43 Off line
web search
49M. F. Reince Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '43 Off line, used ramp south of Knauf & Tesch
web search
49Wagners Meat Market     [Groceries, Meat, Livestock] '43 Off line
web search


Brussels (A&W Station *)
Brussels is a small town about fifteen miles southwest of Sturgeon Bay. Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
*Brussels Store     [General Merchandise] '43 Off line
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*Fabry Lumber & Milling Co.     [Flour, Feed, Lumber] '43 Off line
web search
*Leroy Lumber & Milling Co.     [Flour, Feed, Lumber] '43 Off line, large feed mill
web search
*Pierre's Garage & Implement Company     [Automobiles, Farm Machinery] '43 Off line
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Sturgeon Bay (A&W Station 58)
Industries in Sturgeon Bay (east side of Sturgeon Bay ship canal) and Sawyer (west side of Sturgeon Bay ship canal) were grouped under a single listing for 'Sturgeon Bay.' Ahnapee & Western stations were only listed in the 1943 directory.
Directory of Stations
Industry    [Products]RailroadsYearsNotes
58Anderson Bros. Fish Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Fish] '43 On spur at foot of bridge on Madison Ave. (Sawyer).
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58Barker Lumber & Fuel Co.     [Building Supplies, Fuel] '43 On spur north of Michigan on 1st Ave.
web search
58J. F. Bertschinger Lumber Co.     [Building Material, Hay, Grain,] '43 On spur south of bridge landing
web search
58Sam Bordenstein     [Junk Dealer] '43 web search
58Stanley Brandeis Co. (James W. Dye)     [Feed, Grain, Hay, Potatoes] '43 Off line. Sold to the Door County Co-op in 1953.
web search
58Bursen Motors     [Automobiles] '43 web search
58Cities Service Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur west of depot
web search
58Debroux Auto Sales     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
58Deep Rock Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur west of depot
web search
58Door County Apple Products     [Apple Juice, Pectin] '43 web search
58Door County Hardware Co.     [Retail Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
58Door County Implement Co.     [Agricultural Implements] '43 Off line
web search
58Door County Produce Co.     [Hay, Straw Grain, Seed, Feed, Salt] '43 On spur across yard from depot
web search
58Door County Publishing Co.     [Newspaper, Printing] '43 Off line, used team track
web search
58Evangeline Milk Co.     [Condensed Milk] '43 Large customer on siding south of depot at Neenah and Redwood Streets (Sawyer).
web search
58Evergreen Nursery     [Trees, Shrubs, etc.] '43 Off line
web search
58Fidler Skilling Fuel & Dock Co.     [Retail Fuel] '43 On spur north of bridge landing
web search
58Fruit Growers Co-operative     [Canned Cherries] '43 Large customer on spur tracks at 1st and Oregon Street
web search
58Gamble Stores     [Hardware, Auto Accessories, etc.] '43 Off line
web search
58Max Ginsberg     [Scrap Iron] '43 On spur north of Christy Shipbuilding near N 3rd and Georgia Streets, east of main
web search
58Goldman Orchards     [Fresh Cherries & Apples] '43 On spur east of yard near Jefferson and 1st Ave
web search
58Frank Graass     [Pine Cones] '43 Off line
web search
58Great A & P Tea Co.     [Groceries & Meats] '43 Off line
web search
58Henry J. Hahn     [Furniture &. Undertaking] '43 Off line
web search
58Hembel Bros.     [Agricultural Implements] '43 Off line
web search
58Jackson-Kostka Co.     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
58Knaapen's Bakery     [Bakery] '43 Off line
web search
58Frank Knuth Co.     [Sprayers] '43 Off line
web search
58C. Malvetz     [Stoves, Household Appliances] '43 Off line
web search
58Marik Manufacturing Co.     [Wooden Articles] '43 web search
58Martin Orchard Co.     [Fresh & Cold Pack Cherries, Apples] '43 Off line, used team track
web search
58M. W. Miller Co.     [Fruits & Vegetables] '43 On spur east of yard near Jefferson and 1st Ave
web search
58Moeller Garage Co.     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
58Vernon E. Olson     [Beer Distributor] '43 Off line
web search
58E. B. Olson Construction Co.     [General Contractor] '43 Off line
web search
58Ed. Paul     [Beer Distributor] '43 Off line
web search
58Pauly & Pauly Cheese Co.     [Cheese] '43 On spur east of main south of Maple Ave. (Sawyer).
web search
58Peninsula Feed Store     [Milling, Grain, Hay, Straw, Coal & Feed] '43 Off line
web search
58Peninsula Fish Co.     [Wholesale & Retail Fish] '43 Off line
web search
58Peterson Boat Works     [Marine Equipment & Boat Building] '43 On end of long spur south of 1st Ave and Pennsylvania
web search
58Peterson Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On siding west of main at Madison Ave. (Sawyer)
web search
58F. J. Pies & Co.     [Blacksmithing] '43 web search
58M. J. Pivonka & Sons     [Granite & Marble] '43 Off line
web search
58Pleck Dairy Products Co.     [Dairy Products] '43 Off line
web search
58H. C. Prange Co.     [Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, Meats] '43 Off line
web search
58Rankin Tractor & Equipment Co.     [Farm Implements] '43 Off line
web search
58Reynolds Preserving Company     [Canned Cherries and Strawberries] '43 Warehouse on spur at far south end of town (Sawyer)
web search
58Roen Steamship Company     [Dredging] '43 On spurs at far north end of the railroad
web search
58Roeser Lumber Co.     [Fuel and Building Material] '43 Off line
web search
58Sawyer Fuel & Supply Co.     [Building Supplies & Fuel] '43 On switchback spurs between Neenah Ave and the canal.
web search
58Schneider Produce Co.     [Feed and Farm Produce] '43 web search
58Scofield Company     [Retail Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
58Shell 0il Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 Schinktenís on siding west of main, south end of town, near Nautical Dr. (Sawyer).
web search
58Sister Bay Feed Mill     [Grinding, Mill Products, Hay, Grain, Straw, Feed] '43 Off line, used team track
web search
58Leathern D. Smith Shipbuilding Co.     [Shipbuilding] '43 On spurs northwest of depot and yard (later Christy Corp)
web search
58Standard Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On oil spur across from depot
web search
58J. J. Stangel Hardware Co.     [Wholesale Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
58J. A. Stoneman     [Furniture & Undertaking] '43 Off line
web search
58Sturgeon Bay Bakery     [Bakery] '43 Off line
web search
58Sturgeon Bay Boat Works     [Shipbuilding & Outfitting] '43 On spur south of yard at Michigan and 1st Ave
web search
58Sturgeon Bay Company     [Quarried Stone] '43 Off line
web search
58Sturgeon Bay Motors     [Automobiles] '43 Off line
web search
58Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.     [Shipbuilding] '43 At north end of railroad along with Roen Salvage
web search
58Arthur Teweles Co.     [Wholesale Feed, Grain & Potatoes] '43 On spur at foot of swing bridge, on Madison Ave. (Sawyer).
web search
58The Texas Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 On Sturgeon Bay oil spur across from depot (May Oil Co.), and in Sawyer at far south end of west siding.
web search
58Utility Commission     [Electrical Supplies] '43 Used lead at 1st Ave and Nebraska St
web search
58Van Camp Milk Co.     [Condensed Milk] '43 Large customer on siding south of depot at Neenah and Redwood Streets, later Evangaline (Sawyer).
web search
58Wadhams Oil Co.     [Petroleum Products] '43 Mobil Oil bulk plant located on west siding near Nautical Dr. (Sawyer)
web search
58Fred E. Warner Co.     [Wholesale Tobacco] '43 web search
58West Side Hardware     [Hardware, Elec. Appliances] '43 Off line
web search
58Wisconsin Public Service Corporation     [Electricity] '43 web search
58Wulf Hardware Co.     [Retail Hardware] '43 Off line
web search
    [] '43 web search

Notes on reading the information listed above:

The data is a compilation of the information in both the 1943 and 1953 directories. The industries are listed alphebetically by station.

  • Station - City and industry locations were noted by station number, which corresponds to the milepost distance from Green Bay (Station 0).
  • Industry - Some industry listings were worded differently between the 1943 and 1953 directories, whether due to errors, name changes, or business mergers. Alternate names are listed in parenthesis after the industry name.
  • Products - The directory listed typical products received and shipped by the industry. In some cases the list changed between the 1943 and 1953 directories and the product list shown below is a composite of both directories.
  • Railroads - Railroads served by each industry. Many of the industries listed do not have any railroad listed. This is due to one of two reasons:
    • Cities which were only served by the Green Bay Route (GB&W, KGB&W, A&W) never had any railroad listed.
    • Cities which were served by railroads in addition to the Green Bay Route only had railroads listed if the industry was located on a rail line. The other industries would most likely have been served by team track or less-than-carload service via the locat freight station or the Kewaunee, Green Bay & Winona Transport trucking subsidiary which operated after World War II.
    • In some cases the railroad(s) listed for the industry were different in each directory; the listing for Railroads is a composite from both directories and the Notes indicate which railroad(s) were listed in each specific directory.
    • Railroad abbreviations:
      • GB&W - Green Bay & Western.
      • CB&Q - Chicago Burlington & Quincy (Burlington Route).
      • CMStP&P - Chicago Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific (Milwaukee Road). Reporting marks were CMStP&P in the 1943 directory and MILW in the 1953 directory.
      • CStPM&O - Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha (Omaha Road).
      • C&NW - Chicago & North Western.
      • CGW - Chicago Great Western
      • SOO - Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Line).
      • Riv. Term. - A bulk loading terminal on the Mississippi River at Winona, Minn.
  • Years - Industries appeared in the 1943 directory, the 1953 directory, or both.
  • Notes - Details on the information in the 1943 and 1953 listings.
    • In some cases the railroad(s) listed for the industry were different in each directory; the listing for Railroads is a composite from both directories and the Notes indicate which railroad(s) were listed in each specific directory.
    • Web Search - will use to search the web for information on the industry.

Thanks goes to Andy Laurent for his untiring effort to obtain these directories, and Bob Gile for filling in information on on-line and off-line industries.  If you can identify if any other of these industries are on-line or off-line, please contact me at

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