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KGBW 7101-

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Green Bay & Western Lines 1947 Locomotive & Equipment Diagrams 

KGB&W 7101-7199 are former N&W class GJ gondolas, although the dreadnaught ends, power brake wheel, and AB brakes are probably post-sale modifications.

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BUILT 1910 57 1/2 TON ALL STEEL GONDOLA KGBW 7101-7199

From the collection of Andy Laurent.
Style of draft gear Minor A68 Hand brake Universal  
Style of brake beams AAR #2 plus Car ends Dreadnaught  
Style of couplers AAR D 5x7 6 1/2" butt Cub. Capacity level full 1547 cub. ft.  
Style of brake W.H. "AB" 10" Cub. Capacity heap full 2038 cub. ft.  
Style of trucks Andrews    
Style of strking casting CS Patt. 21899    
Style of wheels wrought steel    
style of center casting CS Patt. 12368    
Style of side bearings CS Patt. 21978    
Style of brake step Apex    

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