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Eddie Gross' Proto-Freelanced GB&W

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Eddie Gross has a complete roster of HO scale locomotives based on the prototype GB&W's roster, with a few "what-if?" additions added for fun.

So come along for a tour of his 1970's all-Alco fleet, and get some background info on his proto-freelanced equipment.  Click on any of the images to learn more about his fleet.

Image No. Type Model Body Drive Mechanism
102 S-2 AHM Athearn
201 S-4 AHM Athearn
302 RS-2 AHM Athearn
305 RS-3 Roundhouse Roundhouse
306 RS-20 AHM  (kitbashed to low nose) ???
309(1) RS-11 AHM Unpowered
309(2) RS-11 Atlas Athearn
311 C-424 AHM Unpowered
315 C-430 Tyco Athearn
no photo 318 RS-27 PROTO 200 PROTO 200
319 C-424 AHM Unpowered
no photo 319 C-424 Atlas Atlas
322 C-424 Atlas Athearn
323 C-420 Lima Athearn
324 M440W Tyco with Canadian cab Athearn
502 FA-1 Model Power Model Power
503 FA-1 Model Power Model Power
504 FA-1 Model Power Model Power
506 FA-1 Train-Miniature can motor
507 FB-2 Train-Miniature Athearn
601 C-628 AHM ??
602 C-628 AHM ??
1138 C-630 Tyco Athearn
no photo 2407 RSD-15 Broadway Limited Imports BLI
6708 C-628 AHM (kitbashed to high nose) Athearn

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