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Added December 2014:
GBW 614 (1964.04)
Caboose #614 sports a HOME OF THE PACKERS football herald in April 1964.

Added November 2014:
The End is Near for #22 (2014)
Car #22 nears the end of its life at Cassville, Wisconsin.
Red 'Packers' Boxcar (HO)
InterMountain will be producing an HO ready-to-run model of a 40' PS-1 red GBW boxcar with six different road numbers.

Added October 2014:
Yellow PS-1 40' Boxcar (O)
Lionel will be producing their 40' PS-1 boxcar lettered for GBW #777.
55' All-Door Box Car (O)
MTH is producing its Premier Line 55' All-Door Box Car in O scale lettered for GB&W in two road numbers.
40' Plug-Door Boxcar (HO)
Atlas is producing their 40' insulated box car in HO scale lettered for the Green Bay & Western.
Limited Kit Run for Trainfest (HO)
Accurail is making a special run of boxcar kits for Trainfest 2014 to be held in Milwaukee on November 8-9.
#311 Builders Photo (1963.09)
A color photo of GB&W Century 424 #311, built by by Alco in 1963.

Added September 2014:
A 1960s Train Travelogue DVD
is producing a DVD from the 8 mm films of Joseph Seidl and Lynn Longley. There is some GB&W content in Seidl's portion.

Added August 2014:
Taylor 1909 (1909)
Noted Wisconsin postcard photographer J. M. Colby captured this scene of the Green Bay & Western in Taylor in 1909.

Added April 2014:
Scrap Iron (HO)
It's 1944 and the country needs steel - a lot of steel - to fight the world war. This KGB&W gondola is spotted at the salvage yard, ready to take a load of scrap iron to the mill to be converted into new steel.
GB&W Mogul (HO)
Bachmann is producing their Alco 2-6-0 Mogul in a GB&W #256 paint scheme. The model comes DCC-Ready with an 8-pin NMRA plug.

Added January 2014:
Yellow Gondola (HO)
is producing their ready-to-run 53' Thrall Gondola in a yellow GB&W paint scheme.
No. 2 at Norwood (1986.10)
This trio of GB&W Alco C-424s arrived at Norwood Yard on Train No. 2 from Wisconsin Rapids on a crisp October morning in 1986.
GBW #310 Leads a Freight Train (HO)
This photo of a freight train on the main line was taken on the North American Prototype Modelers HO scale layout in Milwaukee, Wis.
GB&W #402 (1939.08.13)
Power suitable for a first-class railroad finally arrived with the three 2-8-2 Mikados #401-403 from Alco in 1937.
KGB&W #142 (1938.08.04)
KGB&W #142 was one of four similar ex-New York Central 0-6-0 steam switching locomotives acquired from General Equipment Co. in 1923-25.

Added December 2013:
1:43 Vehicles (O)
Diecast Direct has diecast vehicles lettered for the Green Bay & Western RR. has diecast vehicles lettered for the Green Bay & Western RR. Included are a 1955 Chevy pickup (1:43 scale) and a White WC22 dump truck (1:50 scale).
50' Green Boxcar (HO)
InterMountain is producing their 50 Ft. PS-1 Single Door Boxcar in the green GB&W paint scheme with a 'HOME OF THE PACKERS' logo on the car side.
40' Plug Door Boxcar (O)
Atlas O is producing their 40' insulated box car in O scale lettered for the Green Bay & Western.

Added November 2013:

Hoppers (N) - Atlas is producing 2-bay offset side hoppers lettered for KGBW. The ready-to-run models include a removable coal load.

Added September 2013:
Waffle-Side Boxcar (HO)
Walthers will be producing a ready-to-run model of a GBW waffle-side boxcar in two road numbers. Pre-orders are due by October 31, 2013.
WRX Steel Reefer (S)
Southern California S Gaugers Train Club produced a custom run of Lionel American Flyer reefers painted as WRX 526. The car is a special run for the club's second annual "S Fest West 2013" show held this past May. The club has a few cars remaining for sale.
GBW 23001
Ten insulated boxcars with 10' wide plug doors were added in 1967 and they remained on the roster until 1993. The paint scheme shown was the standard applied to almost all boxcars in that era.
Model List (HO)
Athearn ready-to-run #ATH87405, #ATH87406 (50' boxcar GBW 7381, 7386) added to the list of commercial models.

Added August 2013:
Bowser C430 Preproduction Samples (HO)
Bowser has shown preproduction samples of its new Alco C430 models in GBW paint schemes.
Roy Campbell Collection books discontinued
Merrill Publishing Associates is discontinuing publication of the Roy Campbell Collection line of books, including 'The Green Bay & Western Steam Era' and 'Wisconsin Shortline & Logging Steam.' They are having a 'Last Chance' sale on their website and will continue to publish train books that are not from the collection and plan to continue producing books for railfans. More information is available at

Added May 2013:
2013 Titletown Train Show
Green Bay & Western railfanning at the Titletown Train Show in Green Bay, Wis. on April 27-28, 2013.
Kraft Wood Reefer (HO)
Atlas is producing their 40' Wood Reefer in two Western Refrigerator lines road numbers with KRAFT CHEESE MAYONNAISE billboard lettering.
GBW #101 (1938)
Engineer Alfred W. Daniels is operating the 600-horsepower switch engine at Green Bay's Mason Street Yard in the fall of 1938.

Added April 2013:
Alco S-2 Switcher (O)
MTH is producing their Alco S-2 switch engine lettered as Kewaunee Green Bay & Western #201. The model is equipped with MTH's Proto-Sound 3.0 DCC sound system, a smoke unit, remote controlled couplers, directional headlights and a lighted cab interior and number boards.
Wood Boxcar (O)
Weaver is producing their ready-to-run outside-braced 40' boxcar model lettered for GBW 6022, 6056 and 6244.
Upgraded Alco S-2 with Sound (HO)
Atlas has retooled their HO scale S-2 locomotive and it is available DCC-ready (Atlas Silver line) or with DCC sound (Atlas Gold line).

Added February 2013:
Cigarette Lighter
This Noble Super Automatic pocket lighter advertised the GREEN BAY ROUTE on its sides.

Added November 2012:
Alco C-430 (HO)
Bowser has announced production of an Alco C-430 model. The model will have correct details for the GBW #315, including Hi-Ad trucks, fuel tank and no dynamic brakes.
Transfer Caboose (HO)
Bluford Shops is producing HO scale transfer cabooses in five different body styles. At this time a model lettered for the GB&W is not available, but the Bluford Shops representative in Milwaukee told me that they plan on producing all of the road names previously done in N scale-- and GBW #102 & #104 were in their N scale line.

Added October 2012:
Alco 2-6-0 Mogul (N)
Bachmann is producing an N scale DCC-equipped Alco 2-6-0 Mogul based on a GB&W prototype. GB&W is not one of the road names offered.

Added September 2012:
Red KGB hopper (HO)
Accurail will be selling a limited run Kewaunee Green Bay & Western offset twin hopper kit at Trainfest in Milwaukee, November 10-11, 2012.

Added July 2012:
WRX 9015 (1965.02)
Western Refrigerator Lines started in 1929 with a fleet of 500 wood refrigerator cars for GB&W customers; by the 1960s most of the remaining cars were painted gray and had the simplified lettering scheme shown.
GBW 878 (1971.04.04)
GBW 700 to 899 were Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcars delivered in boxcar red with black ends in 1951. The HOME OF THE PACKERS logo was added in the early 1960s.
Working on the Railroad
A partial listing (over 1,000 people) who have worked for the Green Bay Route.
The 'Baumann Report' (2012.07)
Jeff Baumann gives his reports on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay. The latest report covers Wolf River Lumber stopping rail shipments.

Added May 2012:
Wood boxcar (HO)
Accurail is producing a kit for a 40' single sheathed boxcar lettered for KGB #5514.
WRX steel refrigerator (HO)
Accurail is producing a kit for a 40' steel plug door Western Refrigerator Lines car of the 1960s.
GBW 5000 (1981.04)
GBW 5000 was one of fifty 12' door Plate C insulated boxcars built by Fruit Growers Express for the GBW in 1981. The paint is practically still wet in this photo taken soon after it went into service.

Added April 2012:
Trucks (1:50)
SpecCast is producing a model of a 1950s White WC22 dump truck and a White WC22 lowboy lettered for the Green Bay Route. The die-cast models have rubber tires, opening doors, hood and end gate and a detailed engine.
WRX 9350 (1968.11)
Western Refrigerator Lines #9350-9351 had a short life on the WRX roster in the late 1960s, but these two cars were then repainted and renumbered to GBW 22090-22091 in 1971 and remained in service through the end of the GBW in 1993.
Transfer Caboose (N)
Bluford Shops is producing an N scale transfer caboose lettered for GBW #102 and 104.
AHW double door boxcar (N)
Fox Valley Models is producing their ready-to-run FMC 5283 cu.ft. double door boxcar model in an Ahnapee & Western paint scheme in two road numbers.

Added March 2012:
Side Dump Car (HO)
Walthers is selling a ready-to-run model of a GBW side dump car. The model is in Walter's Platinum line and includes factory-installed grab irons and metal wheels.
Locomotive Models (HO, N)
The listing has been expanded to include N-scale models, as well as HO scale.
KOG/MP/GBW caboose (HO)
WrightTRAK is producing a polyurethane resin kit for a KOG/MP/GBW caboose. An ex-MP caboose from this class was put in service on the GB&W in 1981 and was typically assigned to the 'Plover local' which served the paper mills in Central Wisconsin, then assigned to the Green Bay - Kewaunee 'Boat Train' starting around January 1990.

Added February 2012:
GBW 10063
GBW 10000-10099 were 70-ton, 50'6", Plate C boxcars (former East Camden & Highland 2351-2499) which came to the railroad in three batches during 1981 - 1984. They had minimal repainting when put into GBW service. They went off the roster in 1991.
Wisconsin and Michigan Memories DVD
C. Vision Productions is producing a DVD from the 8 mm films of Arthur E. Paris. The DVD rounds out with the GB&W's red-and-gray Alco locomotives in Green Bay in the 1960s.

Added December 2011:
GBW #55 (1983.04.23)
Thrall Door boxcars arrived in the early 70s. They were used to carry hardboard products to Ford plants in the Detroit area.

Added November 2011:
Seymour Depot Kit (HO)
Enginehouse Services has an HO scale wood kit of GB&W's depot at Seymour, Wis. The kit is laser cut wood with roofing material.

Added September 2011:
GB&LP #3 Joseph H. Scranton (ca. 1872)
The crew poses with their wood-burning locomotive #3 during the early days of the Green Bay Route.

Added July 2011:
ALCO 2-6-0 Mogul (HO)
Bachmann is producing an Alco 2-6-0 Mogul in DCC-ready and DCC sound-equipped models. The pre-production model appears to be very similar to GBW #56/256 with the correct boiler shape, driver spacing, dome placement, bell, headlight, piping and tender. The major difference between the model and the prototype is the placement of the air pumps on the fireman's side.

Added June 2011:
The 'Baumann Report' (2011.06)
Jeff Baumann gives his reports on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay. The latest report covers the Trail to Black Creek; Caboose Info.

Added March 2011:
Updated Decal Set (HO)
DM Custom Decals' Diesel Hood Unit set now includes 36x19 inch heralds for the red-and-gray scheme and early red scheme, also 28x19 inch heralds for the later all-red scheme.
1:43 Vehicles (O)
Diecast Direct has 1:43 scale diecast vehicles lettered for the Green Bay & Western RR. Included are 1950 & 1953 pickup trucks, and a 1941 auto.
GB&W Adds Boxcars (1979.06.16)
Jim Gingle, switch foreman for the Green Bay & Western Railroad, rides one of 450 boxcars being delivered to the railroad during a two-month period.
Pickle Car (HO)
MDC Roundhouse is producing a ready-to-run 40' pickle car decorated for Green Bay Pickle Company, a division of Green Bay Food Co., reporting marks GBFX.

Added January 2011:
KOG/MP/GBW caboose (HO)
WrightTRAK is considering producing a polyurethane resin kit for a KOG/MP/GBW caboose. One of these former KOG/MP cabooses was added to the GBW roster the summer of 1980 and it remained with the railroad until the WC's purchase of the GBW in 1993.

The model would be based on the company's SCL International Car Company caboose kit with new tooling for the sides and ends of the car. In order to make the project viable, WrightTRAK requires a minimum 100 preorders for the kit. More details are on the WrightTRAK home page.

Added December 2010:
KGB&W 41' Gondola (HO)
Digital Fox has released a special run kit of KGB&W steel gondolas.
GBW #609 (1940)
Caboose #609 soon after rebuilding with bay windows in 1940.

Added November 2010:
Cotton Tee Shirts
Rail Retro is selling Hanes« T-Shirts with the GREEN BAY ROUTE logo or the GBW cartoon figure from the 1970s.

Added September 2010:
KGB&W Hoppers (HO)
Accurail will be selling a limited run Kewaunee Green Bay & Western hopper kit at Trainfest in Milwaukee, November 13-14, 2010.
RS-2 Locomotive (HO)
Walthers is re-running their PROTO 1000 Alco RS-2 diesel in GBW red-and-gray paint.
Caboose #618 (1976.05)
The last new cabooses on the Green Bay Route were #608 and #618, identical cars built in 1969.
Caboose #112 (1989.09.28)
The final caboose added to the roster was this second-hand cupola caboose, originally Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf #1549, later Missouri Pacific #11241.

Added August 2010:
Truss Rod Boxcars (HO)
Westerfield is producing resin boxcar kits of A&W and KGB&W truss rod boxcars.

Added July 2010:
Alco HH 660 model (HO)
Atlas will be producing their Alco HH-600/660 locomotive model in GB&W's red and gray paint scheme.
Caboose A&W #620 (1939)
Ahnapee & Western's sole caboose from the 1920s onward was #020.
Caboose #08 (1939.04.22)
This ex-Great Northern caboose was acquired by the GB&W in October 1925.

Added June 2010:
Caboose #608 (1961.11)
Caboose #608 was a survivor, lasting into the era when most wood cabooses had been replaced by new steel cars.
Caboose #114 (1984.09)
Steel bay-window caboose #114.
Caboose #102 (1980.08)
In the 1960s., the Green Bay Route built five transfer cabooses were built from the underframes of old wood cabooses.
Caboose #113 (1980.08)
Built by Thrall Car in 1961 as #613, this caboose was renumbered into the #100- series in 1978.

Added May 2010:
Matchbook Cover (1980s)
This matchbook from the 1980s emphasized the full range of distribution solutions offered by the GBW - railroad, trucking and warehousing.
Car Ferry Roster
A listing of the Ann Arbor and Pere Marquette car ferries which called on the Green Bay Route at Kewaunee, and their dates of service.

Added April 2010:
X012 (1957.03)
Transfer caboose X012 in Green Bay.
Body of Caboose 603 Rediscovered (2002)
The body of caboose #603 was sold by the GBW in 1972 and it now serves as part of a house in northern Wisconsin.
Two-bay Hoppers (HO)
GBW Historical Society is selling a kit of yellow GBW offset side twin hoppers.

Added February 2010:
40' Insulated Boxcar (HO)
Accurail will be producing a kit for a 40' yellow GBW insulated boxcar.

Added January 2010:
40' Gondola - 3-Number Set (HO)
Accurail is producing its 41' AAR steel gondola as a 3-car set with different KGB road numbers, as well as individual kits.
Freight Car Roster
Freight car data from 1904, 1913 and 1917 Official Railway Equipment Registers added to the freight car roster information.
Model List
HO scale 41' AAR gondola KGB 3-car set by Accurail added to the list of commercial models.

Added December 2009:
Model List
HO scale 40' wood reefer with 'Kraft Foods' billboard lettering by Train Miniature added to the list of commercial models.
Green Bay & Western Layout Construction (HO)
Paul Bellemore of Ontario, Canada is modeling the GB&W and Fox River Valley RR in 1993.

Added November 2009:
GBW&StP Pass (1895)
This was the style of pass used during the last full year of operation of the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul Railroad.
Model List
N scale 50' waffle side boxcar GBW #2729 by A J California Crossing added to the list of commercial models.
50' Exterior Post Boxcar (HO)
Atlas is producing a yellow GB&W 50'-6" exterior-post 'Railbox' style ACF boxcar in two road different GBW road numbers.
Large scale RS-3 (G)
Joe Lienau has been modeling the A&W Railway in G scale and has a a custom painted GBW RS-3.
Eddie Gross' Proto-Freelanced GB&W Roster (HO)
Eddie Gross has a complete roster of HO scale locomotives based on the prototype GB&W's roster, with a few "what-if?" additions added for fun.
Green Bay Route Lapel Pin
Sundance Marketing is producing a Green Bay Route lapel pin.

Added October 2009:
Ahnapee & Western Pass (1905)
#192: Mr. Thos. P. Fowler President Ontario & Western Ry.

Added August 2009:
Magazine Articles (2009.05) (N)
Kitbash a GB&W Ballast Hopper, in N Scale Railroading, May / June 2009. Green Bay & Western's short ballast hopper is a fund project on a low budget.
C-420 Model (HO, N)
Atlas is producing a model of GBW #323 in both HO and N scales.
Whitehall depot to be restored (2009.07.27)
Whitehall will receive $391,000 in federal grants to renovate the GB&W train depot in the heart of the city.

Added July 2009:
Alco C-424 in all-red (HO)
Atlas has reissued their Alco C-424 Phase III in GBW's all-red paint scheme and road number #314.

Added May 2009:
RTR 40' Steel Boxcar (HO)
Weaver is producing a GB&W boxcar in four different road numbers.
RTR 50' FMC Plug Door Box (HO)
Athearn is producing ready-to-run models of 50' outside braced boxcars in two GBW road numbers.

Added April 2009:
40' Plug Door Boxcar (N)
Atlas is producing a 40' yellow boxcar with oxide red ends in two road numbers.
FMC 5347 Cu. Ft. GBW & EACH Boxcars (HO)
Athearn is producing ready-to-run models of FMC 5347 cu. ft. boxcars in GBW lettering.

Added February 2009:
FMC 5347 Cu Ft Boxcar (N)
Fox Valley Models is producing an FMC 5347 Cu Ft single door boxcar in GBW paint with four different road numbers.

Added December 2008:
P&W 'Paint-Outs' (HO)
Marv Preussler created these fantastic GBW & AHW 'paint-out' boxcars from Athearn models.
50-foot PS 5277 50┤ Boxcar (HO)
Athearn is reissuing their ready-to-run version of GBW's 1700- series 50' outside braced boxcars in two new road numbers.
WRX 9350 (ca. 1970)
Western Refrigerator Lines #9350-9351 were short-lived on the WRX roster in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Added November 2008:
Wood exterior-braced boxcar (HO)
Accurail will be producing an eight-panel outside braced wood boxcar kit with GB&W lettering.
Amherst Junction Depot (1908)
A westbound train takes on passengers at the Amherst Junction depot.

Added October 2008:
The Crew of No. 23 (1939)
Lem Lahie and Rudy Flanzer stand proudly in front of their steam locomotive in Waupaca Wis. in 1939.
Brass RS-2 (HO)
Division Point will import a brass Alco RS-2 model in a GB&W paint scheme.

Added September 2008:
New Paint for #313 (2008.09.12)
Ex-GB&W C-424 #313 has fresh coat of paint on the Minnesota Commercial Railway.
WRX wood reefer (HO)
Accurail will be selling a limited run 40' wood reefer at Trainfest in Milwaukee, November 8-9, 2008.
Plover Depot (1976.04)
Eastbound Train No. 2 at the Plover depot.
Ahnapee & Western reefer (HO)
GBW Historical Society offers a special run Ahnapee & Western 40' wood reefer. The model is a custom-painted and lettered Accurail kit.

Added August 2008:
WRX at Cheeseville (ca. 1930)
WRX reefers at the Kraft Cheese plant in Plymouth, Wis.
GBW 14026 (1960)
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
GBW 1155 (1975)
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
The 'Baumann Report' (2008.08)
Jeff Baumann gives his reports on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay.
Car 54, Where Are You? (2008)
This Fairmont MT-19 speeder is painted in the GB&W's classic red-and-gray paint scheme.
RS-11 Locomotive (HO)
Atlas is producing their Alco RS-11 diesel locomotive in GB&W red & gray paint.
C-424 in red & gray (O)
Atlas O is producing their Alco C-424 locomotive in powered and unpowered versions in the GBW's red & gray paint scheme of the 1960s.

Added May 2008:
40' Gondola (HO)
Accurail will be producing its 41' AAR steel gondola decorated painted and lettered for GBW.
Wood Reefer (O)
GB TV Service & Trains offers a special run of Western Refrigerator Lines 40' wood reefer lettered for Red Crown meats.
Matchbook Cover (ca. 1960)
This matchbook promotes the less-than-carload service, and the inside lists the connecting railroads.

Added April 2008:
Green Bay Food Pickle Car (HO)
MDC Roundhouse is producing a ready-to-run 40' pickle car decorated for Budlong Pickle Company, a division of Green Bay Food Co., reporting marks GBFX.
50' Double Plug Door Boxcar (HO)
Accurail is producing a new boxcar with GBW lettering,
The 'Baumann Report' (2008.04)
Jeff Baumann gives his reports on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay.

Added March 2008:
Train List (1984.02.18)
Train No. 2 departed Wisconsin Rapids at 6:30 P.M. on Saturday, February 18, 1984. The train departed 'Rapids' with 16 loaded cars, 24 empties, two engines and a caboose.

Added February 2008:
Matchbook Cover (ca. 1940)
This 'pull-quick' pack of ten matches uses a hidden ignition striker strip to ignite the round wooden match sticks as they were quickly pulled from the container and is probably from the 1930s or 1940s.

Added January 2008:
Casco Junction Derailment (1940)
A crew works to stabilize derailed hoppers at Casco Junction in the spring of 1940.
Offset-side Hoppers (Z)
Full Throttle is selling 33' open offset-side two-bay hoppers in red and yellow.
Model List (O)
WRX 11981, 11982, 11983, 11984 'Marty Cheese' billboard reefer from GB TV Service & Trains, Green Bay, Wis. added to the Model List.
Model List (O)
WRX 11525, 11526 'Hamilton & Sons Canning Co.' billboard reefer from GB TV Service & Trains, Green Bay, Wis. added to the Model List.
40' Boxcar Models (HO)
Accurail announced new roadnames on their line of HO models, including a 40' PS-1 boxcar and a 40' plug door boxcar.

Added December 2007:
AHW 4000 (1979.10)
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
GBW X106 (1971.09.05)
This MOW flatcar was built from the underframe of a passenger coach.
Casco Junction (1950)
The trackwork at Casco Junction with comments from a former general manager of the railroad.
Consolidation 2-8-0 (1947)
Equipment diagram for KGBW #398 / GBW #399 / AHW #261 added to the 1947 Equipment Diagrams.
#305 Builders Photo (1951.05)
The first Alco RS-3 arrived on the GB&W in May 1951.
New Halls Creek Culvert (1968)
This culvert replaced the damaged bridge over the East Fork of Halls Creek.
#305 at the Yard Office (1976.04)
Bill Christopher caught RS-20 #305 at the Norwood Yard office on an overcast April day in 1976.

Added November 2007:
Eastbound Pulpwood at Rapids (1984.08)
Eastbound train No. 2 has arrived at Wisconsin Rapids.
Brass FA-1 locomotive (HO)
Division Point will import a brass Alco FA-1 model in a GB&W paint scheme.
Railroad Pass (1901)
The style of the passes settled into a familiar pattern, with only color changes from year to year.
WRX wood reefers (HO)
Branchline Trains will be producing their WRX 40' wood reefer as a ready-to-run model with four different car models.
Boxcar Derailment (ca. 1900)
A wrecker is called in to upright a GBW boxcar which is leaning precariously over the side of a wooden trestle.

Added October 2007:
GBW 787 (1971)
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
1969 Train Wreck! (1969.05.31)
New pictures from the the 1969 derailment of locomotive #315 and business car #600 "ROAMER."
What If? (HO)
If the Green Bay & Western had survived into the modern era, what would the motive power look like?

Added September 2007:
Coal, Water & Turntables
Locations of these facilities on the Green Bay Route.
Sturgeon Bay (1968)
Great images from a very tumultuous time in the Ahnapee & Western's history.

Added August 2007:
Mississippi Bridge Approach (ca. 1972)
A train approaches the Mississippi River bridge after departing Bridge yard in Winona.
New Power at New London (1980.05)
Freshly rebuilt #322 was in the lead of this extra-powerful consist in May 1980.
KGB&W Boxcar (HO)
Accurail will be selling a limited run 40' red boxcar at Trainfest in Milwaukee, November 10-11, 2007.
Pullman-Standard Boxcar (1965)
The Green Bay & Western added 200 boxcars to its roster in early 1951 -- the first steel boxcars on the railroad.

Added July 2007:
Burnt Boxcar (1969)
A Green Bay Route boxcar got toasted in a US Plywood plant fire.

Added June 2007:
Model List (HO)
Walthers HO scale 50' gondola added.
New locomotive model (O)
Atlas O is producing their Alco C-424 locomotive model in powered and unpowered versions, available with or without sound.  Expected in 2008.

Added May 2007:
Roamer on the Move (1968.05)
A 1968 track bulletin covers the movement of the business car ROAMER over the railroad on May 9-10, 1968.
Wood-side Refrigerator Car (O)
Kalmbach has a limited-run (1500 models) Western Refrigerator Lines wood-side refrigerator car to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Classic Toy Trains magazine.

Added April 2007:
RS-2 Locomotive (HO)
Walthers is producing their PROTO 1000 Alco RS-2 diesel in GBW red-and-gray paint. The model is powered with a newly-designed power train using helical gears and a 14:1 gear ratio.
Green Bay Depot Model (HO)
EngineHouse Services is planning to produce a styrene kit of GBW's Green Bay Depot. This model is based on the way the building looked shortly before the 1977 fire which destroyed it.
Railroad Pass (1896)
Although always closely aligned with the GBW&StP, in 1896 the KGB&W was still an independent railroad, as evidenced by this pass.
Decals (HO)
GBW&StP boxcar #1054 and A&W reefer #3001 decal sets from Art Griffin added to the decal list.
Transfer Caboose (HO)
Scratcbuilt transfer caboose #101 at Norwood Yard on Marv Preussler's GB&W layout.

Added March 2007:
WRX billboard reefer (HO)
The Plymouth Model Railroad Society has reefers hand painted and decaled Western Refrigerator Lines reefers.
Freight Car Photo Roster (1972)
Hopper #418 was a Pullman Standard car based on the 1935 AAR standard. By 1970 most cars were painted yellow. Some remained in service until late 1980s, then sold to Wisconsin paper mills.
Freight Car Photo Roster (1969)
Hoppers #414, 415 were modified as covered hoppers in the 1960s and used to supply sand to the engine facilities in Green Bay and Wisconsin Rapids.
Freight Car Photo Roster (1969)
Ten green box cars were originally from a pool of 540 GAEX 50' damage-free box cars built from 1950-1955. They arrived about 1960 and were the first 50-foot boxcars on the GBW's roster.
Freight Car Photo Roster (ca. 1960)
#112008 as it appeared when it arrived on the GBW.
Magazine Articles
The magazine article 'General American/Evans 50-foot DF box cars, part I,' in Mainline Modeler, March 1990, Hundman Publishing added. It has a photo of GAEX 112000, which was leased by GBW in the 1960s & 70s.
Freight Car Roster
Builders info on GBW 112000-112012 (ex- GAEX) added.
Photos on the WWW
82 new images from the Wisconsin Central Motive Power and Railcar photo archive added to the links to on-line photos.
Auto-Train #901 (1982.04)
Auto-Train dome car at Green Bay & Western's Norwood Shops, April 1982.
Yellow River Bridge (1986.06)
The fisherman standing beneath the Yellow River bridge is unimpressed as 250 tons of GB&W locomotives pass overhead.

Added January 2007:
Wood Bay Window Caboose - Short
Scale drawings of a Green Bay Route caboose.

Added December 2006:
Norwood Elevator (1975)
The grain elevator dominates this view of Norwood Yard in Green Bay.
Transfer Caboose #104 (1980)
In the latter part of the 1960s the Green Bay & Western rebuilt most of their remaining wood cabooses as transfer cabooses like this one.
GBW X604 (1964)
GBW #604 was rebuilt with bay windows, but later they were removed and the caboose renumbered X604; it was then used as a transfer caboose around Green Bay.
Grain Elevator (1910)
Green Bay and Western elevator and shops in Green Bay.
Model List
Walthers O scale WRX #9227 added.
50' boxcar (HO)
Accurail has added a 50' steel GBW boxcar to its product line.

Added November 2006:
Layout Update (HO)
An update on Bob Wandel's fantastic 1960s Kewaunee Division layout.
50' 'Packers' boxcar (HO)
Special run for Trainfest in Milwaukee, Wis. - Nov. 11 & 12, 2006.

Added October 2006:
Plover Plume (1976.04)
RS-2 #304 shoots a plume of Alco 'turbo lag' smoke into the Plover sky.
1943-44 Seniority List (1944)
This seniority list, compiled by Bud Beattie, has 384 GB&W/KGB&W/A&W employees.
McGee Promoted (1976)
A remarkable letter from the General Superintendent to the President of the GB&W informing him that he has been promoted to Locomotive Engineer.
Museum Pieces
Wood boxcar GBW 6158 at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, and mail-baggage combine #20 at Rapid River, Mich. have been added to the list of preserved equipment.

Added September 2006:
LR&W on the GB&W (1983.05)
What may have been the most unique pairing of diesel locomotives to ever ride the Green Bay & Western: #312 in a one-of-a-kind "chevron" paint scheme along with LR&W #102.
86-foot Boxcar Decals (HO)
DM Custom Decals has a set of decals for GBW 86-foot auto parts high cube boxcars.
Wisconsin Rapids Depot Staff (1947.05.10)
Many of the Wisconsin Rapids depot staff posed for the camera in front of the old depot.
Mogul #38 Builders Photo (1914.07)
Kewaunee Green Bay & Western #38, built by the American Locomotive Company.

Added August 2006:
Steam in Color (ca. 1940)
A rare color photo of steam power on the Green Bay Route.
GBW #740
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
GBW #141 (ca. 1937)
More information about the milk cars that ran between Casco and Sturgeon Bay in the 1930s..
Model List
The 5th Avenue Car Shops 40' wood boxcar (GBW 8142) has been added to the list.
GBW wood boxcar (HO)
5th Avenue Car Shops has reissued its kit for a GBW 8100-series 6-panel wood outside braced boxcars with steel Dreadnaught ends. The car is an Accurail model with custom lettering for GBW #8142.
Pass (1926)
Pass #386 was unique in that it was good for the General Manager of a nearby railroad, as well as five additional employees.
Web Link
Green Bay and Western Wreck in Merrillan, Jackson County, WI, 1968. Check out the link to 'additional photos' at the bottom of the page.

Added July 2006:

Sand Road (1982)

Alco C-424 #312 with a fresh on-of-a-kind paint job passes Sand Road, just west of Merillan, Wis.

Switch List (1967)

This switch list shows the cars, loads, and destinations of freight cars picked up at the Ahnapee & Western's interchange with the Green Bay & Western on Monday October 30, 1967.

Photo CD

Railroad Paper Collectibles is making a photo CD from the collection of Verne Brummel. Volume 9 of the series covers the Green Bay & Western and Milwaukee Road branch lines in Wisconsin in the 1970s.

Lettering diagram (1980)

AHW 50-foot double door boxcar. Black underframe and trucks. Black lettering and herald.

Added June 2006:

Norwood Yard

A track chart of Norwood Yard in Green Bay, Wis.

Pass (1936)

This pass was issued to the president of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR, and was extended through 1937 by overwriting the expiration date.

Takin' Care of Business (ca. 1982)

GBW #323 leads a short business train.

Added May 2006:

Business Car #603 (1969)

Business car #603 in Green Bay, Wis.

New Models (HO,O)

Walthers will be producing an HO scale red 53'  gondola and MTH will be making an O scale yellow two-bay covered hopper.

GBW 2900 to 2974

Seventy-five boxcars arrived in 1974. The cars were stretched from 40' riveted side boxcars by American-Fletcher leasing and carried the standard yellow paint scheme of the 1970s.

Whitehall Depot (HO)

Walthers is producing a model based on the GBW's depot at Whitehall, Wisconsin as part of its Cornerstone series of kits.

Reorganization Letter (1991)

A July 10, 1991 letter announces that a single management team will operate the GBW and the Fox River Valley Railroad.

Added April 2006:

Taylor (1980)

Eastbound train No. 2 rolls through the town of Taylor on a beautiful summer day in Wisconsin.

Added April 2006:
GBW Photo CD and Book

Merrill Publishing Associates has a photo CD and book titled "Green Bay & Western Steam Locomotives." It contains 169 images from the collection of the late Roy Campbell.

X190 ballast spreader (HO)

Andy Laurent modeled the KGB's plow / ballast spreader with a low (summer) plow blade.


Shares of stock were issued by the railroad and represented part ownership of the company, while bonds were a loan to the railroad which needed to be repaid back on a set schedule.

40' Ready-To-Run Boxcar (HO)

Kadee has re-run its 40' PS-1 boxcar with a new GBW road number.

GBW 45

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

GBW 1135

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

WRX 9670

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

The "Baumann Report" (April 2006)

Jeff Baumann gives his reports on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay.

Added March 2006:

Bill of Lading (1937)

Refrigerated car WRX #9168 shipped 36,000 pounds of potatoes from Stevens Point to Paducah, Ky.

GBW 307

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

Semi Trailer Decals (HO)

DM Custom Decals has a set of decals for red Green Bay & Western Lines semi trailers. The decals have white lettering and heralds, light gray side stripe with black outline, and black numbers.

'The Green Bay Route' on DVD

Pentrex has reissued its video 'The Green Bay Route' on DVD. The 72-minute video has a chapter menu and comes in a clamshell case.

Caboose #615 (1977)

Wearing fresh yellow paint in Wisconsin Rapids.

Exterior Post Boxcar (N scale)

InterMountain will be producing a ready-to-run model of a Pullman-Standard 5277 boxcar, lettered for GBW with six different road numbers.

Envelope (1971)

This #10 envelope bore the image of GBW #314 on the front, and a stylized route map on the back with an emphasis on the railroad's car ferry connections at Kewaunee.

Added February 2006:

Ahnapee & Western Pencil (ca. 1940s)

The pencil reads:

Railway Express Agency
Ahnapee & Western Railway
 E. F. Bushman, Agent.

Green Bay Junction (1909)

An early view of the Green Bay & Western's namesake depot.

Hatfield Gravel Pit (ca. 1945)

 Consolidation #399 switches the gravel pit on the east side of the Black River in Hatfield.

Historic Depot (2006)

The former GB&W depot in Whitehall was listed on the Wisconsin Register of Historic Places following a meeting of the state Historic Preservation Review Board on January 20.

Added January 2006:

Fouling the Diamond (1981)

An eastbound train fouls the Chicago & North Western crossing at Merrillan.

Cupola Caboose (1981)

Caboose #112 was at the end of an eastbound train passing through Merrillan in 1981.

Passes (1873-1947)

Railroad passes gave unlimited transportation over the Green Bay Route.

Hard Hat

A hard hat issued by the Green Bay & Western.

Added December 2005:

Snow Plow Train (1985)

RS-20 #306 and C-424 #312 push GBW's X190 plow the morning after a heavy snowfall.

Caboose #609 (1966)

GBW wooden caboose #609 near the end of its service on the railroad.

Grand Rapids Bridge (1909)

This four-span through-truss bridge was built in 1872 as part of the original railroad.

One Bay Open Hopper (1984)

Seventy-five one-bay hoppers came from the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad in 1982.

GBW Gondola (2002)

Gondola #33 at Wolf Brothers Sawmill, Stetsonville, Wis.

Alco's FA - Running in the Shadow (2005)

This new 160-page book traces the history of the Alco FA series locomotives, including the GBW/KGB fleet.

Blue 50' Boxcar (HO)

Accurail has added a 50' exterior post boxcar painted and lettered as a blue GBW boxcar.

St. Paul Coal Docks (1907)

The coal docks on the west bank of the Fox River in Green Bay started as an enterprise of the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR in the 1880s -- hence the name St. Paul Coal Docks.

Added November 2005:

KGB&W Lash-Up (HO scale)

Precision Craft will be offering an Alco FA-1 set of KGB&W #501/#502. The locos are available with or without sound.


Alco S-1 (HO scale)

Kevin Prohl made this great model of an RS-1 from a Life-Like model.

Two-bay Hopper (HO)

Accurail has added a two-bay hopper lettered in the GBW 1940s-50s scheme to its catalog.

Added October 2005:

Jeep FC 170 hi-rail (2005)

A Jeep four-wheel drive maintenance truck still carries traces of Green Bay & Western lettering.

RS-11 (HO scale)

As modeled by Kevin Prohl.

HH 660 #101 at Norwood (ca. 1955)

GBW #101 sits at the Norwood Yard turntable in this undated photo from the 1950s.

Model Ballast (HO, N scale)

Scale Reproductions has GBW limestone ballast!

Added September 2005:
Sturgeon Bay Yard Action (ca. 1930)

It's the heart of the Great Depression, and one of the Green Bay Route's ubiquitous 2-6-0 Moguls is switching cars in the Sturgeon Bay yard.

The Baumann Report

Jeff Baumann gives his report on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay.

#309 High Hood (1960)

Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western #309 represents an era of transition on the railroad, at least from a locomotive standpoint.

Alco RSD-15 'Alligator' (HO)

Broadway Limited will be producing DCC-equipped Alco RSD-15 locomotives in GBW's paint scheme.

Boxcar Model (HO)

Athearn will be producing a ready-to-run version of GBW's 1700- 50' outside braced boxcars. This model is based on an ex-MDC casting.

KGB&W #350 (ca. 1940)

At Winona, Minnesota.

Added July 2005:

Thrall Gondola (HO Scale)

Modeler's Choice has a styrene kit of a Thrall 14-panel gondola. This model  is an exact match for ten GBW gondolas built in 1977. The modeler must supply additional detail parts to complete the model.

GBW 206 (1963)

GBW 200-209 came from Greenville Steel Car Co. in 1963. Ten more similar cars came from ACF the following year.

Added June 2005:

Winona Enginehouse (1980)

Locomotives were housed in this facility at the west end of the railroad.

Alco C-424 (HO)

Atlas will be producing their Alco C-424 in new paint schemes, including GBW #319, #321 (and no number) in the all-red paint scheme of the early 1980s.

#321 in Winter (1990)

GBW's Alco C-424 #321 sits in Wisconsin Rapids on a sunny winter day.

Added May 2005:

Iola & Northern (ca. 1900)

A series of postcards shows the Iola & Northern, which would eventually become a rural branch of the Green Bay & Western.

Ex-GBW Trail to Open (2005):

The Friends of Tomorrow River State Trail invite everyone to join in celebrating the opening of a new portion of the trail starting at 1 p.m. June 4, 2005, beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new trail incorporates eight miles of ex-GBW right-of-way from near Amherst Junction to Scandinavia.

RS-27s #316-317 load the Chessie System's City of Midland 41 on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Kewaunee.


#1201 (1981)

An interesting switcher which operated briefly on the GB&W but never was repainted.

GB&W #255 (1940) 

In the early 1900s, the Green Bay Route relied heavily on 2-6-0 (Mogul) steam locomotives for power.

Model News (HO scale)

Alco RS-27 diesel with DCC and sound from Life Like; 50' plug door boxcar from Accurail.

FA-1 Builders Photo (1949)

FA-1s like these silenced steam power on the railroad.

Leaving Bridge Yard (1972)

Alco C-424 #314 and C-430 #315 leads a train out of Winona's Bridge Yard in the summer of 1972.

Marv Preussler's Kewaunee Division (HO)

It's a beautiful spring day in Wisconsin as a Green Bay & Western RS-2 blasts its signature black smoke while pulling a one of the GBW's yellow boxcars from the Pauly Cheese Company located  in Green Bay's "cheese house" district.

Added April 2005:

A&W Bridge Token (ca. 1930)

This aluminum token was good for one crossing of the joint railroad / highway bridge in Sturgeon Bay.

Steel Bay Window Caboose (HO scale)

William K. Walthers, Inc. will be making a ready-to-run International Car Company steel bay window caboose.

Ex GBW #308 (2005)

Ex- GBW #308 has been sold in operating condition by the KB&S RR to a private owner, who plans to restore it to the GBW's classic red and gray paint scheme.

'Viking' in Kewaunee (HO scale)

Bob Wandel's carferry in in place in his GBW layout.

Crab Orchard & Egyptian boxcars (1986)

These orange boxcars came from the Ahnapee & Western in 1983.

Added March 2005:

Bridge at Dodge (2001)

The GBW's crossing of the Trempealeau River at Dodge, Wis. used an unusual skewed two-span pony truss bridge with a curved alignment to cross the muddy green waters of the Trempealeau River.

Alco RSD 15 #2405 (1992)

Some of the more unique power to ever ride on GBW rails had to be the ex- Lake Superior & Ishpeming RSD-15s.

Stevens Point (1976)

An RS-2 pulls a single car across the crossing of the Soo Line main line.

Transfer Caboose #101 (ca. 1980)

GBW #101 was a transfer caboose built in the 1960s from an old wooden caboose underframe.

East of Whitehall (1992)

Eastbound Train No. 2 crests the hill east of Whitehall.

Engine #25 and Crew (1910)

GB&W 4-4-0 #25 leads a train of flatcars loaded with earth.

Added February 2005:

Train No. 2 at Merrillan (1988)

Eastbound Train No 2 comes into Merrillan in October 1988 behind a freshly repainted #312.

WBJ&SoRR RS20s (7.5" gauge)

GBW #305 will be on display at the Metro Model Railroad Club  Show  in Cedarburg, Wis. on March 13.

#302 in the "Dead Line" (1939)

2-8-0 #302 awaits its fate with the scrapper's torch.

#302 Builders Plate (1913)

Builders plate from GBW #302, built July 1913 by the American Locomotive Company in Schenactady, N.Y. 

The Green Bay & Western of the 1960s is being brought to life in HO scale near Denver, Colorado.

Dusk in Plover

A very late eastbound Train No. 2 pauses next to the Plover wayfreight.

GBW #321

Shows off its paint scheme of the early 1980s.

James River Job (ca. 1992)

GBW #307 pulls a cut of cars off the Quincy Street spur near the James River Paper Company.

Added January 2005:

40' PS-1 Boxcar Kitbash (HO scale)

This is a relatively straightforward kitbashing project that results in a nice model of a unique GB&W and Milwaukee Road prototype.

No. 4 at Amherst Junction (1986)

Train No. 4, the Plover way freight, works the Pavelski Enterprises (later FS Cooperative) fertilizer company in Amherst Junction.

RS-2 #301 Restoration

The DSS&A Division of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society is offering GBW #301 the opportunity to purchase and restore this locomotive.

Twelve steps to a better Accurail WRX reefer (HO)

Andy Laurent gives tips for improving an Accurail reefer to better represent the prototype.

Alcos on the Green Bay & Western on DVD

Plets Express reports that their video 'Alcos on the Green Bay & Western' is sold out on VHS. The title will not be restocked until it is available on DVD.

Added December 2004:

RS-2s on the Move (2004)

Ex- GBW #301 and #303 were on the move from Blissfield, Mich. to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth, Minn in October 2004.

GBW Consolidation and 50' Plug Door Boxcar (O scale)

GB TV Service & Trains is offering an O scale version of GB&W steam locomotive #302. It is a custom run of a Weaver Models 2-8-0.  They also have a custom run yellow 50' boxcar.

Added November 2004:
Conrail #2486 (1979)

This Alco C-424 would become GBW #320 in about a year.

Precision National #901 (1976)

This Alco RS-27 was soon to be repainted and renumbered as Green Bay & Western #318.

CNW 902 (1968)

Chicago & Northwestern #902 (future GBW #317) on what appears to be the Penn Central in April 1968.

GBW #141 (ca. 1940)

This unique flatcar had tanks added to transport milk and cream from the Van Camp Condensory in Casco, Wis. to the Van Camp plant in Sturgeon Bay.

Hard-working RS-2

It is early summer 1964, and K.C. Henkels captured RS-2 #302 at Green Bay.

Report from Trainfest

November 13 & 14,. Milwaukee, Wis.

Two-Bay Covered Hopper (HO)

Walthers has re-released their 37' Trinity covered hopper as a ready-to-run model with new GBW road numbers.


Deer Hunting (1910)

Back in 1910 the Green Bay & Western used to rent box cars to hunting parties in Wisconsin.

Golf Ball

There's nothing quite like whacking a ball with a Green Bay Route logo on it.

GBW 301, 4045

In the Freight Car Photo Roster.

40' boxcar and reefer (HO)

Special run for Trainfest in Milwaukee, Wis. - Nov. 13 & 14, 2004. 

50' Double Door Boxcar (O scale)

From MTH Electric Trains.

Model Decals (HO scale)

Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association offers HO scale decal sets for yellow, red and green GBW boxcars from the 1950s-1960s.

Added October 2004:

Homer E. McGee #312

Leads a freight train.

#251 in Sturgeon Bay (ca. 1940)

GB&W #251 leads a short freight train across the swing bridge over Sturgeon Bay.

Whitehall (1909)

Engine No. 18 is cut off from the train on the main line to switch the house and industry tracks, including the W.W. Cargill elevator at Whitehall, Wisconsin.

O Scale Freight Cars:

Two bay offset side hopper and 40' yellow boxcar from MTH Electric Trains and 50' PS-1 boxcar from Atlas O.

Hudson Street (1993)

No. 306 works Job 1 as it pulls the former Milwaukee Road interchange at Hudson Street in Green Bay on July 30, 1993.

Added September 2004:

Caboose #605 Rediscovered! (2004)

For the thirty years the trail of this relic of GBW's past went cold -- despite rumors that it still existed somewhere in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

A&W #600 Builders Photo (1953)

The Ahnapee & Western dieselized in 1953 with a pair of General Electric 70-Ton switchers.

GBW 50-foot exterior post boxcar from Athearn's FMC 5347 boxcar model (HO scale)

Tips to model a common Green Bay & Western 50' boxcar from the 1980s.

Train No. 4 at Plover (1992)

A dirty Alco C-424 works industries at Plover.

A&W #94 (ca. 1940)

Ahnapee & Western coach #94 in MOW service.

Added August 2004:
#302, #307 at Norwood (ca. 1960)

Two shots of RS-2 #302 and RS-3 #307 together at Norwood Yard in Green Bay, taken on the same day.

The End... (1993)

The Wisconsin Rapids engine terminal, six hours after the Fox Valley & Western Railroad takeover.

50' boxcar model (HO scale)

From GB&W Preservation Group

RS-27 #310 (1967)

The spring thaw is underway and Alco RS-27 (model DL640) sits in a slushy Wisconsin Rapids yard.

"Sprint" Train No. 10 (1991)

Short-lived "Sprint" Train No. 10 prepares to depart Wisconsin Rapids on June 19, 1991.

#319 on the CALM (ca. 1995)

Former GBW Alco C424 #319 operating in Arkansas on the short-lived Caddo, Antoine & Little Missouri Railroad.

Winona Yard (1961)

It's August 1961 and FA-1 #507 and RS-27 #310 are in the Winona, Minnesota yard, the western end of the railroad.

A&W Stock (1914)

Clinton Ledyard Blair, a grandson John Insley Blair (of one of the original investors in the Green Bay Route), took ownership of one share of the Ahnapee & Western RR.

Valley Line Detour (1992)

GB&W train comes off the former Milwaukee Road "Valley Line" at Wisconsin Rapids.

Alma Center (1987)

GBW's "Job C" passes eastbound through Alma Center in early 1987.

Broadway Tower (1992)

RS-20 #307 passes Broadway Tower before heading across the Fox River bridge to work Green Bay's paper mill district.

Added July 2004:
"Roamer" (1972)

A postcard view of business car "Roamer" in front of the Rock Island's depot at Ottawa, Ill.

Passenger Car Roster

Passenger cars of the railroad nicknamed the "Grab Baggage & Walk."

Undecorated RS-2 (HO)

Life-Like Products will be producing an Alco RS-2 n its Proto 1000 line. The loco will not be available painted for GBW, but will come in an unpainted version.

The Baumann Report

Jeff Baumann gives his report on what's happening to the ex-GB&W in and around Green Bay.


No. 2 at Wis. Rapids (1986)

Train No. 2 arrives at Wisconsin Rapids and meets the afternoon yard job that will reclassify its train.

A&W 3004 (ca. 1953)

The Ahnapee & Western had several of these wood reefers in the 1940s-50s to haul canned goods from Door County canning plants.

40´┐Ż Billboard Reefer (O scale)

GB TV Service & Trains will produce a limited edition reefer with Balza's Pickles & Krauts billboard lettering.

A&W 3001

See more cars in the Freight Car Photo Roster.

Added June 2004:
1776 at Wisconsin Rapids (ca. 1975)

The business car was built from two International Car Company caboose shells mounted on a former Milwaukee Road 50' boxcar underframe.

Switching Power (1980)

GBW #305-308 were Alco RS-3s rebuilt with Alco 251 2000-horsepower engines and a lowered short hood.

RS-27 diesel (HO scale) 

Life-Like Products will be producing an HO scale Proto 2000 Alco RS-27 diesel, according to All American Trains

Passes (1891, 1902, 1906)
ERES #207 in Green Bay (1979)

Information on Erie Western #207, which spent several years on the Green Bay Route in the early 1980s.

GB&W #315 (1980)

The bright red paint of the 1970s has faded in this photo taken a few years after the Itel purchase of the GB&W.

Trading Card (1991)

GB&W #319 at Wisconsin Rapids

Railroad Pass (1891)

The line operated as the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR until 1896. This pass was issued to a freight agent of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR, which had a controlling interest in the GBW&StP.

Waupaca Branch Ticket (1943)

A one-way ticket from Waupaca to Granite, a three-mile trip on the Waupaca Branch.

GBW 15030 (ca. 1958)

These 40' boxcars were rebuilt from 14000-series double door auto loaders. See more cars in the Freight Car Photo Roster.

Added May 2004:
Crew on No. 2 (1992)

Conductor Randy Schultz talks things over with brakeman Rich Hanke prior to departing with Train No. 2 on October 3, 1992.

Paul Bellemore's models (HO)

GBW power on the Windsor (Ontario) Modular Railroad Club.

GBW 40-foot red boxcar from Intermountain's kit (HO) 

A Green Bay & Western 40' boxcar as it appeared in the early 1960s.

West End of Norwood (1993)

No. 306 is busy assembling westbound Train No. 1.

52'-6'' Fluted Side Gondola (HO)

LBF Company may be producing their 52'-6'' general service gondola with fluted sides and strap ends lettered for GBW. The Railroad Ready´┐Ż model will be decorated in the USA and assembled in China with metal wheels and McHenry couplers. Four different road numbers. Anticipated delivery date: Fall 2004.

Hatfield Dam (1907)

Photos of the construction shows a locomotive used for construction and captures a GB&W train led by a 4-4-0 passing the construction site.

Added April 2004:
FA Train (ca. 1955)

Two FA-1s lead a westbound train somewhere on the GB&W.

KGB 5518

Similar to GBW 6000-6298, but with 3/3/3 dreadnaught ends.  Ron Stuckey photo, from the collection of Andy Laurent.  This is one of the car numbers that 5th Avenue Shops used on their KGB boxcar and is a great view showing the lumber end of the boxcar. Notice the end lettering above the coupler.  See more cars in the Freight Car Photo Roster.

Norwood Shops (1993)

C-424 Nos. 319 and 320 rest at Norwood awaiting routine maintenance.

'Packers' red boxcar decals (multiple scales)

Scale Rail Graphics has added a decal set for GB&W red 40' boxcars to their catalog.

KGB&W #257 (ca. 1940)

In Algoma, Wis.

Modern 50' Boxcar (HO)

Athearn Inc. will be offering their FMC 5,347-cubic-foot boxcar lettered for GBW's standard yellow & black scheme.

#323 in Howard (1991)

C-420 No. 323, built as Lehigh & Hudson River No. 27 in February 1966, works the industrial park in Howard on August 20, 1991.

Added March 2004:

Winona Today (2004)

What's left of the GB&W in Winona, Minnesota.

Homer E. McGee (1992)

#312 pauses between moves at "165," the Badger Sand & Mining load out in Taylor, Wis.

GBW 14038 (Freight Car Photo Roster)

Twenty-five double door boxcars arrived in 1930 for automobile service; they were later rebuilt as single door cars as shown in this photo. Note the deep side sill where the double door had been. The last of these cars were retired in 1970.

GBW #399 (ca. 1940)

GBW #399 has a full tender of coal and is ready for its next assignment.

Industry List (1943/1953)

Over 1,500 GB&W customers compiled from a 1943 and a 1953 Directory of Industries published by the railroad.

#309 at Del Monte (1993)

New Year's Day 1993 was not a holiday for the crew on the Plover way freight as business continued to boom in GB&W's last year.

Brass RS-3 Loco (HO)

Overland Models has announced a brass model of an Alco RS-3 with a phase 3 car body. The model will be fabricated by Ajin Precision of Seoul, Korea and be factory painted in the GBW red-and-gray scheme. (Expected during 2004.)

KGB 7109 (model)

Build this model of a 1950s-60s gondola starting with a MDC kit

Added February 2004:

Track removal at Oneida

In this month's Baumann Report.

Playing cards

This Green Bay Route deck is from the 1970s.

Paint Schemes

Updated information gives the month that each diesel locomotive first received the all-red paint scheme in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Green Bay Foods (ca. 1965)

Information on the three spur tracks at Green Bay Foods and the cars and products typically spotted at each.

Added January 2004:

Caboose Photo Roster

Images of many of the GBW's caboose fleet.

FMC boxcar (HO scale)

MDC Roundhouse is producing a ready-to-run 50' FMC plug door boxcar lettered for GBW.

GBW 52 (1992)

In the Freight Car Photo Roster. (Jon Ruesch photo.)

Added December 2003:
#315 in Shop (1975)

A major failure required a complete rebuild of the Alco C-430 #315 in GBW's Norwood Yard shops.

GBW 10009

In the Freight Car Photo Roster. (Bob Welke photo.)

More photo roster photos: 

KGB 4567

GBW 8330

GBW 7023

GBW 22045

WRX Numbers

Additional car numbers for the HO scale Branchline Trains Western Refrigerator Lines (WRX) reefers.

Added November 2003:

Cigarette Lighter

An unusual billboard type advertising the Green Bay Route / Western Refrigerator Lines.

Adlake Lantern (ca. 1929)

This GB&W caboose marker lantern dates to the 1920s.

'Proto 1000' RS-11 (HO)

Life-Like Products will be producing an HO Proto 1000 Alco RS-11 diesel. Expected ship date is January 2004.

KGB&W Combine (ca. 1920)

A photo of a Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western passenger - baggage combine shows a group of men (perhaps the train crew?) in front of the car at an unnamed location.

1882 Ticket

An interesting ticket from The Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR. The punches indicate that it cost $1.40 for a July 24, 1882 trip from Oneida to New London, Wisconsin -- a distance of 29 miles.

Special run boxcar (HO)

For sale at Trainfest in Milwaukee, Nov. 8-9, 2003

Added October 2003:

Jordan Spreader (O scale)

MTH Electric Trains is producing a Jordan Spreader painted and lettered for the GBW 1980s-90s scheme. The model had moveable plow wings, interior and headlight lighting, and can operate on O-31 curves. It is available lettered for GBW X190 or X191.

Added September 2003:

Winona Bridge (1981)

The Winona Bridge Railway's Mississippi River bridge swing span from the center looking toward Winona.

Engineers and Firemen (1930)

Engineers and firemen as of July 1, 1930.

Seymour Model Railroad Club

The Seymour Model Railroad Club sports a fine roster of HO scale Green Bay & Western locomotives at its engine facility.

Lettering diagram

GBW 40' single sheathed wood boxcar.

GBW wood boxcar (HO scale)

Model News: 5th Avenue Car Shops has announced GBW 8100-series 6-panel, steel end wood outside braced boxcars in HO scale.

Two-bay hopper (HO scale)

Model News: GB&W Preservation Group (affiliated with the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society) has announced KGBW/GBW 401-series offset side twin hoppers in HO scale.

Added August 2003:
GBW RS-20 on the WBJ & So. RR (Model)

Progress on the 7.5" gage (1:7.5 scale) GBW RS-20 taking shape on the West´┐ŻBend, Jackson & Southern´┐ŻRR.

Caboose 117 in Plover (2003)

An update on the restoration of GBW #117 in Heritage Park, Plover, Wis.

Winona Bridge (1976)

Mississippi River bridge and the Trempealeau Valley Limited.

Trempealeau Valley Limited (1976)

Schedule of the May 29-30, 1976 Trempealeau Valley Limited excursion.

GBW two-bay hopper (S)

Model News: S Helper Service has released a 55-ton open-top offset hopper. The ready-to-run cars are lettered for GBW and feature injection-molded ABS plastic bodies, a die-cast Zamac center sill, opening hopper doors, metal grab irons, and AB brakes with an Ajax brake wheel and housing..


S-1 #102 (June 1968)

GBW #102 in Port Edwards, Wis.

GBW two-bay hopper (O)

Model News: Weaver Models is producing models of two-bay offset side hoppers. The ready-to-run cars come in 2-rail and 3-rail versions and will have 12 different road numbers. They are painted in the yellow late 1960s-1980s scheme.

WRX wood reefer (O)

Model News: GB TV Service & Trains is producing a special run of Atlas O 40' wood Western Refrigerator Lines reefers with billboard lettering for Reynold's Cherryland Cherries, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. The cars are available with two different numbers in 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

GBW 50' boxcar (N)

Model News: Micro-Trains has reissued its N scale GBW 50-foot standard boxcar. The car has yellow sides/ends/roof, black lettering with car number #3020, a red/white herald, Youngstown 8-foot door, roof walk, and high ladders. This car was originally released as GBW #3027 in October 1984.

Added July 2003:

Rolling Stock Roster

Freight car roster data compiled from 35 Official Railway Equipment Registers spanning 1940-1993.

GBW 1718 Boxcar (2003)

Added to the Photo Roster.  These 50' boxcars were unique in that they had no GBW herald.

GBW 27xx Boxcar (2003)

Added to the Photo Roster.  GBW 2700-2709 arrived in 1969; Similar car series 2710-2729 arrived in 1971 but only had a black outline GREEN BAY ROUTE herald.

Added June 2003:
Algoma Hardwoods (1949)

One of the largest shippers on the Ahnapee & Western.

1892 GBW&StP Pass

A pass from the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR. This road was a predecessor of the Green Bay & Western. Miss Fell was the daughter of a D.L.& W. freight agent. 

WRX 9436 (ca. 1969)

All-steel insulated boxcar used by the Western Refrigerator Lines.

Coffee Mugs

Gray mugs made in China carry the modern GBW logo.

Scandinavia (ca. 1933)

A bunch of boys and young men mock drinking in front of the depot in Scandinavia.

WRX 9047 (1951)

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

WRX Reefer (HO)

Model News: Branchline Trains is producing a limited edition of their 40' ACF Reefer lettered for the GBW subsidiary Western Refrigerator Lines. The cars has the simplified scheme used in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Added May 2003:
Amherst Junction

Early postcards of the Amherst Junction overpass.





Tom Hartberger of Hartford, Wis. is building a 7.5" gauge (1:7.5 scale) model of a GBW RS-20.

"Railroad Revisted"

This article appeared in the April 20-26, 2003 Luxemburg News.

Marv Preussler's GBW layout

Marv Preussler is creating a fantastic Green Bay & Western layout, covering the  Kewaunee to Black Creek segment.

GBW 1709

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

GBW 1731

Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.

GBW action on the Hiawatha Lines:  

RS-2 #302 leads train #3 westbound in Utica.  Deb Fifield is recreating the railroad scene of Winona on her 16' x 30' HO Hiawatha Lines  in Alliance, Nebraska.

Added April 2003:
Western Refrigerator Line reefer lettering diagram

GREEN BAY & WESTERN REEFER (W.R.X.) Gray sides, boxcar red roof, ends, trucks and underbody. Black lettering; red and black herald.


Amherst Junction  (1910)

An early postcard of the Amherst Junction overpass.

Wood boxcar lettering diagram

BOXCAR RED 40' WOOD BOXCAR (1950s-60s) White lettering, black and white herald.

Added March 2003:
Atlas HO scale Alco C-424

Here are ideas for detailing the new Atlas HO scale GB&W Alco C-424 model to more closely reflect the prototype.

1938 Pass

This 1938-1939 linen pass was renewed for 1940-1941 by hand writing.

Exterior Post Boxcar (HO model)

InterMountain Railway Company will be producing an HO ready-to-run model of a Pullman-Standard 5277 boxcar, lettered for GBW. Expected date: summer of 2003.

Green Bay and Western Color Pictorial (book)

This new book by Andrew Nelson and published by Four Ways West Publications, is due in stores April 2003.  Four Ways West is taking discounted pre-publication orders.

Added February 2003:
40' KGB wood boxcar (HO model)

5th Avenue Car Shops, P.O. Box 423, LaGrange IL 60525, is producing an Accurail custom HO 6-panel 40' Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western boxcar kit with wood doors and dreadnaught ends.

Equipment Diagrams (1947)

1947 Green Bay & Western Locomotive and Equipment Diagrams

Added September 2002:

Craig Wilson's 4127

Craig Wilson started with an Accurail 50-foot AAR Boxcar kit to make this great model of a 1970s-era Green Bay & Western boxcar.

N Scale Ribside Boxcar Decals (model news)

Premiere Plus Decals has an N scale decal set for 50' single door FMC style (Railbox) boxcars.

Freight Train (1951)

This Howard Fogg.painting appeared on the back page of the 1951 annual report.

Ferry Yard (1952)

This painting of the Kewaunee Carferry yard appeared on the back page of the 1952 annual report.

Freight Train (1958)

A pair of Alco FA-1s pull a freight train along a swollen and muddy Trempealeau River.

New Equipment (1959)

This photo from the 1959 annual report highlights some of the newsiest locomotives and cars on the railroad.

Old Wis. Rapids Depot (1959)

Old depot at Wisconsin Rapids, built in 1886, which has been dismantled.

New Wis. Rapids Depot (1959)

New depot and office building at Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, constructed in 1959.

#310 Builders Photo (1960)

New 2400 horsepower diesel.


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